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Creating Constellations

Christian / Post Hardcore / Indie

Muncie, IN

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In Fear and Faith Pro

Screamo / Hardcore / Post Hardcore

Vista, CA

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Joel and Janna

Pop / Ambient / Christian

Livermore, ME

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The Goodnight Horizon Pro

Christian / Hardcore / Metal

Eden, IN

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Every You

Rock / Alternative / Pop

South Florida, FL

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  • Eric Rico said:
    listen this sick fucking band... www.purevolume.com/swampofblood .... fucking sick vocals! Feb 12
  • Missie Cosmah said:
    Hey, I know you probably get a lot of spam and I’m sorry to join in on it but I would REALLY love it if you checked out the musician I manage, he’s indie acoustic pop. He goes by Between Love and Insanity, please check him out and tell me what you think! -Missie Mar 07
  • Aaron Young said:
    Hey. My Name is Aaron Young(a.ka. AY-MusiK) Im an emerging artist out of Kansas City!, and you didnt get this message by accident! This isn't spam or something It's a personalized message. Just hear me out and all I ask is for 4 mins of your time. If You dont know me Im a New Age Hip-Hop/pop/soft rock Artist From the city of Kansas City I just released my new video "Wanna Be Single", and I have a Mixtape called "No Time For Amazement" on the way 10/10/10. I wanna ask you for a huge huge favor and that is to just listen to it. Check me out here on purevolume! Type in AY-MusiK And If you like what your hear then the biggest thing you can do for me is share this on your profile so everybody can see (facebook,myspace,twitter) , and if you want you can become a fan. I’m trying to make it as a musician and do this for a living. I need all the help I can get. There is so much you can do and its so easy like subscribe to my youtube site. Youtube.com/theaymusic Become a fan of me on facebook type in "AY-MusiK" Twitter: theaymusic Myspace: theaymuzik reverbnation.com/aymusik ourstage.com/profile/aymusik Thank You so much for even listening and have a nice day Nov 23
  • SuperCrazyJesusFreak said:
    dude have you heard of Sream the Prayer tour you should check it out and some of the bands http://www.myspace.com/screamtheprayer May 03
  • Josh. said:
    hahaha idk man. i just think the album as whole flows better and is structured a little better. either way they're amazing. and SUCH great guys. ive seen them three times live, and like after shows we just hang around and talk (and had a pancake dinner once!) and they're sooo on fire for Christ. its really inspiring. did you know when they first got together mattie was the only Christian and he lead them all to Christ?!? Apr 09
  • Josh. said:
    ahh sorry it took me a while to get back. yehhh dude For Todays new stuff is pretty heavy. honestly i think, musically, i like Ekklesia more. But, as far as lyrics, and the power mattie put into Portraits, i like it wayyy more! but idk. overall amazing. their fer sure wanna my favorites. Apr 08
  • Jordan said:
    The good ol' F-dub :]Yup im in HS. Jr! class of '11. Woot woot Apr 04
  • Tzukune U_u said:
    hha yeah .. i saw them on december and im gona go see them again on May 16th eheh ..cant wait..he is pretty badasss .eheh ugh ii wanna buy their CD..ahha mm. what? so you didnt buy it?! why?! Mar 31
  • Jordan said:
    Oh yeah! My Tribe leader(biblr study) is in a thing like that at my church. Its called the egde. Its legit. That sounds like it would be. How are you liking that? I've never been to OK. Mar 31
  • Tzukune U_u said:
    Oh damn..well thanks for letting me know..ima go listen to them righwnow. eheh !..nn well righnow listening to this band named OCEANO ..theyre pretty badass..aha!..thyre fuken awesome..and ima go see them play on may 2..haha! for the second time! Mar 30


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    Mar 25, 2010



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