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  • MeirJessica said:
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  • Marilia Gabriela said:
    nice guitar Jun 05
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    Nice Music May 14
  • OneGorgeousWonder said:
    Well. My brother is looking for a bass player for his band. About the whole " i need a chick in the band" thing...haha. I play the acoustics. Samantha plays keyboard when needed. and we are currently looking at a girl drummer, Tara. No worries about that. So, if you are interested call my brother, Marc. 330-209-9656. :D Nov 04
  • Mrs. Nick Cocozzella said:
    Saving Litchfield fan ay ? Yeahhh im in love with them, haha ! Great taste in music. :] Just thought that I should mention that because I actually forgot to mention it in the comment I sent about 10 minutes ago. XD Jul 22
  • Mrs. Nick Cocozzella said:
    Hey cheers for the add, Your aces mateyyY. :] Jul 22
  • Bruce Willis. said:
    Mmm, thanks for adding, misterrr. :] Jul 11
  • Baby i said fight fight.! said:
    hey boyfriend. i love you so much. even tho sometimes u say stupid stuff to people lol. :) yeh i just decided to write u a comment since we dont talk on here anymore, just on aim. well w/b whenever u get this. ♥ Jul 05
  • TheronRogers said:
    Hey!If you like Secondhand Serenade you should check me out and let me know what ya think. Here's my link: www.purevolume.com/theronrogers Thanks, Theron Jul 03


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    1. wat r ur initials?. DJU 2. are you single? hopefully coming to an end to that 3. like ne1? yes 4. wat time did you get up this morning? 630... school…

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    i just got back from church..yay. def. of irony... atheist going to church every sunday. my mom is a freaking church nazi. she thinks that if she makes me go to chur…

    May 04, 2008

  • General: March Of The Ants

    i just got back from church..yay. def. of irony... atheist going to church every sunday. my mom is a freaking church nazi. she thinks that if she makes me go to chur…

    May 04, 2008

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    ok... i like this girl......alot. and she just recently told me that she had feelings for me. simple right? i tell that i like her too...we date, and see wat goes fr…

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aim= unklesbay1990 k...about me. i play a shitload of inst. LIKES prob. ur mom... i have a thing for ppls moms rock my bass my guitar hey im dj, ive been playing bass for about 4 years now, and guitar for a little under a year. when i play bass its more of a funk riff style and guitar im no more then a rythm guitarist. im still trying to switch from four huge ass strings to 6 tiny little fuckers and i cant really make up the melodies and shit like that but if u want a kickass riff im ur guy. i was in a band Suffocating From The Silence but we broke up, we still jam every now and then but nothing new. im trying to start a band but i need to decide if im gonna play bass or guitar. and i have this weird ocd where i want a chick in the band. im a real badass on the outside ...but on the inside im a guy who doesnt like violence im afraid of the person i used to be im afraid of spiders, and u cant tell me that im crazy for that the last time i felt happy before now was wen i was all by myself with no friends and watever girl was lying next to me at the time. i have a gf nicole who i love beyond words can describe, shes my everything. SILENCE Where your body hits the ground And your heart breaks in two Where the sun has stopped shining And the moon is gone too Where the loves' dissappeared And you're holding in screams When you wish you could tell them But theyre not what they seem Where your tears burn your face Everytime that you cry Where you try to believe But its always a lie Where you push through the pain Just to see if its real And you're reaching for nothing 'Cause you forgot how to feel Where the weights on your shoulders As you try to run away Where you keep holding on When it kills you to stay Where your wishing on stars Just to give you some hope When you've got something to say But your tears make you choke Where you're slamming more doors With every word gone unsaid Where you look for away out When you just want it to end this was on my artist account...but i decided to put it on here...cuz i can, compliments of Jess Smith... u freaking nerd. A recent study says that 92% of teens want to be black, put this in your profile if youre one of the 8% that isn't fucking retarded Which famous guitarist are you? Your Result: Adam Jones You are not that technical of a player. But, besides playing, you have a lot of talent in something else, but playing is your true calling. In the future, your other skills will help you in bands. you just like to stand and give a good show.Jimmy Page David Gilmour Jimi Hendrix Dimebag Darrell Synyster Gates Tom Delonge Which famous guitarist are you?

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