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If you have to face up with chronic pains and pressure from tons of deadlines and workloads, a TENS Unit is a great recommendation for you. As you know, TENS Unit is the acronym from transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which mentions to an effective method to manage pains through electrical stimulus. Because of the surprising portability, this device is effectively used in many offices, health clubs and centers.

When people get older, they are easily suffered by different external factors which can put negative consequences on their body. It is fact that seniors may have to deal with several health problems related to joints, arthritis or tight muscles. Using the TENS Unit in the right way helps enhance general health of customers efficiently. Discover numerous health benefits that seniors can get benefit from using this smart device. It not only features tons of gorgeous benefits in physical status, but also mental health to seniors.

Avoid Medication Addiction

One fact is that people may be addicted from the medication for pains. Using fitness equipment helps reduce the impact of medication on the physical health. Besides, there is bad interaction between medicines and other parts of user’s body. As a result, it is a safe way to apply massage for relieving pains and stress.

Mental Health

Most of seniors often experience the feelings of loneliness. Therefore, massage helps avoid this situation by producing endorphins. This is an important element in stimulating the spirit of seniors, which creates the happiness and confidence to communicate with other partners. As a result, seniors will feel younger with the supplication of energy.

Pain Relief

Through the gentle vibrations from electric pulses, the TENS Unit directly puts positive impact on different places needing to be treated. It helps deal with tight muscles for the realistic sensation of relaxing. Besides, the enhancement in blood circulation is resulted from abundant supplication of oxygen and nutrition to the brains and muscle tissues. It is evidence that the contribution of endorphins also helps relieve in dental problems.

Knee Osteoarthritis Prevention

According to the result of professionals in health, a best TENS Unit is successfully regarded as the active method in treating knee stiffness. Seniors could select suitable pressure levels from soft vibrations to powerful strength to reach the best result of relieving pains on knees. It is obvious that regularly applying massage therapy could protect seniors from chronic pains related to joints, knees and other body parts. Healthier knees are important element which can cope with falls-a common symptom that most of old people have to overcome.

Tips and Warnings


There are several precautions that seniors had better follow during the usability of a TENS Unit. Before applying any method of massage, they should need the advice from doctors for reaching the best health efficiency and preventing unexpected issues. Remember that the device is not recommended for people with serious heart diseases. Moreover, seniors shouldn’t place the TENS Unit near pacemaker to avoid damages or injuries. 

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