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Mini trampolines play an important role in losing weight and tons of health benefits. Therefore, if you are wondering about the efficient way to deal with health problems and reduce pressure, this type of product is one of the best recommendations. A question raised into our mind is how to efficiently improve the trampoline workouts? Let’s pay attention to top 10 effective mini trampoline workouts below. It guarantees to make you succeed in exercising with the best trampoline.


First of all, walking is one of the simplest workouts that a mini trampoline offers to you. With this method, you have to combine the slow movement of bare feet and your arms to burn calories. This method requires you to continuously change both left and right heels on the trampoline surface.


Similar to walking, jogging comes with the same movements of heels and arms. However, you will need faster speed to jog on the pad. Remember to wear sporty shoes for better safety. Jogging is an effective way to improve your blood circulation and lose weight. The ideal time to apply this type of workout is 10 minutes.


It is not too difficult to apply this method in doing exercises. All you need are wearing shoes and remaining the balance while bouncing on the trampoline surface. Then, take your feet apart, bend the knees and start simple bounces. These steps put strong impact on all of your body parts, including knees, joints, feet and abdominals. You had better raise your hands up during bouncing process to make your bounce higher.

Jack Bounces

 It is the improvement of simple bounces. In this method, make yourself feel positive by jacking on different places on the trampoline surface. Remember not to stick your feet into springs.

High jumps

Bending both of your knees to reach as high jumps as possible. It looks like as jogging, but coming with higher speed and the work of both left and right knees.


If you are a big fan of yoga, let’s follow this type of workout right at the mini trampoline surface. Yoga lessons will require light movements in both legs and arms. You should combine it well with deep breath for the best workout effectiveness.


Based on your health status, you could apply sprinting to improve cardiovascular fitness in a comprehensive way. For people who have overweight problems, this method is surprisingly useful because it burns a huge source of calories. This workout requires fast actions of legs and arms within 2 minutes.


This is a popular workout method in many schools nowadays. The first important thing is standing straight on the trampoline surface and bending your knees.


Next, relax yourself with simple calisthenics. In this type of exercises, you could combine well with suitable jumps.

Relax on trampoline surface


The method encourages you to make much effort in both upper and lower body. To start this workout, you need sitting on the pad and keeping your back straight. Then, bounce and ensure that the common point between your body and trampoline surface is the butt. 

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