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  • General: Not then, Not Now, Not EVER!

    I will never listen to rap or ever feel the need to. I feel it is derogatory towards women and have completely pointless lyrics. Sorry I rather not hear about banging B…

    May 08, 2011



I'm more like a fleeting moment than anything. I come and I go, and I always seem to be running from something. And it's usually caused by fear. I'm hard to hold onto, and I get bored easily of things, and of people. I'm probably the most indesicive person you'll ever meet; I'm in a constant battle between my heart and my head. If you get involved, just know that it takes unusually long for me to come around. If you want to get to know me, great. If not, also great. Maybe I will change you, or maybe you will change me. Or maybe you just might be the person who doesn't let me get away. [be'. lieve To have faith in] I'm Stephanie 21 years young Thing I love -♥ God ♥ Photography ♥ Music ♥ Coffee ♥ Tea ♥ Books ♥ Fishing ♥ True Blood ♥ Dexter♥ Sunsets ♥ Life ♥ Bottled Water lol ♥ Tulips ♥ Tiger Lillie's ♥ Rainy Days ♥ Concerts ♥ Long Drives ♥ Family ♥ Lake Cabin ♥ The Ocean ♥ Saying random movie Quotes♥ Nutella ♥ Tattoos ♥ Young and Reckless Clothing ♥ Bull Dogs & Boxers.♥ And my B-E-A-UTIFUL lil Niece JAzzy- Nugget ♥

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