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Medical estheticians are individuals who are licensed to maintain the health of the skin of individuals. They are also responsible for cleaning and beautifying their skins. Likewise, they also help individuals who aging and traumatized skins, as well those who have other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Additionally, they also perform procedures like micro-dermabrasion, facial peeling, scrubbing, massage, and laser hair removal. They also advise their clients on how to take care of their skin and maintain the beauty of their skin.


A medical esthetician can apply for a job in a spa wherein they will become the primary skin care specialists. He or she can also work in a cosmetology or surgical clinic. In such areas, they will be working closely with physicians or surgeons who will be supervising them. With so many companies where they can apply their skills, the shortage of job opportunities is not possible. Likewise, since many people are becoming very conscious about their appearances, the demand for the profession will continue to grow. In fact, according to the data issued by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is predicted that the opportunities for estheticians will continue to grow for the next ten years.

Apart from having a good chance of being employed, estheticians can also work as freelancers to perform basic skin care treatments. They can start out by making their relatives, friends, and neighbors their private clients. Similarly, they can put up an online clinic wherein clients can book them for on-location skin care services. In case they have the necessary funds and they have the right partner, they can also put up their own spas and hire their own employees or work on their own. Thus, there are great financial and career opportunities for estheticians. In addition, since estheticians are already in the beauty industry, they can also grab the opportunity to go to school and learn more beautifying skills like hairstyling and makeup application. Therefore; more opportunities await them.

People who are interested should take note that as mentioned above, they should be licensed in order to practice the profession. With such in regard, they should attend school to take and finish the course or programs. After which, they need to take an exam that will qualify them to have a license. People who will be searching for medical esthetician training schools should make sure that they check the reputation of the institution that they opt to enroll in. They can do so by checking its licenses, certifications, registrations, and permits. They should also check come reviews so that they know what they are going to expect.

Similarly, they should also determine if the schedule of classes will work for them. Do they offer part-time classes for people who are working? Do they have full-time classes for those who want to finish fast? They should also make sure that they will not just learn theories but also techniques. They should also find a school that will let them develop their skills through hands-on training or exposure.

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