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  • General: Lyfe...

    Someone please rip into my skin and take out my heart i dnt want it anymore, it lies. Emo people never get their cut, life screws Everyone, life kills everyone, yet we…

    May 06, 2009



Stephanie Anna Mabry.. -Im.. TAKENN..:)) By: JordanDavidRobinson:)) ilovehiim:)) -Im CrunkaMOFUKKalicious -Im a sophomore at Honey Grove Hs. -I've lived on this unexplainable world goin on 17yrs Aug 2nd 2010.. -I have a dinosaur named..Fisk :)) He's Purple With yellow Stars all over his body:)) i also own His best friend named..Lola:) shes Yellow with green stars on her back:) Contact Me At... -sam7_2326@hotmail.com -I enjoy... -Spendin time w. my crazee-ass family, -Dancin around to techno w. the sisters, -Strawberry ShortCakke!! -Hangin out w. my awesum friends, -TECHNO!!! =DD -Playin in the rain, -Warped tour! :)) -Loud concerts -Stephen BARNES :) -Pon And Zi!! -SPIDA-MAN KISSES!!! =DD -Takin pics, -Summer nights, -Squeezes!! -Pop rocks!! -Mt. Dew!!! -Laying in clovers, -Slushies!! -Drivin! -My Nose Ring:)) -FUSE -Jeffery Star -Ruinin ppls lives :)) -Sad,emo music -Absolutely LOVE Gay/Bi Ppl...Especially Gay Guys :)) -RainStorms!=DD -Good/Sexii Smells ;)) -The colors; Purple,lime green,yellow,blue and Black -Music! -Hand cleanser! Hah. =DD -&Jus bein my crazee,weird,dorky self I hate... -Short fat Midget people -Air conditioners -Pink -Weird smells -Guacomole -Obsessive/Stalker guys -Snobby/Fake/Conceited girls -Guys who do..Drugs/Smoke/Dip (Except BIGGIEMIKE :))) -Preps -Cheerleaders -Ppl who listen to music they dnt rele like just to fit in.. -Ppl who sleep with nasty ppl haha -Bugs -My feet being dirty -Ppl who dnt have good hygene -The "Weasel" :)) hah -James Blunt -Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montanna -Jonas Brothers -Matt Giraud -Boom Boom Pow - Ppl sayin their my step sister or my step mom when I clearly no YOUR NOT! -Some of my fav. places in world are.. -On the softball field, -The Lunch Table :)) -The boyfriends arms:) -Under the summer sun, -My hometown Hg, -Layin under the stars, -My bed where my dreams run wild, -At loud concerts, -& bein in my own lil happy world in my mind wen the real world is crashin all around me.. My Frends Be AhMazeZing!!! -Taylor C (My Strawberry Shortcakke!)- Girl Weekends with yu are truely the best.. My Sister...Partner In Crime=DD..We're to crazeee...love yu girlie!yur my nerd! :)) -Jordan David Robinson- I love you! this summer wood have never ben the same w.o yu. Yu've made such a change in my life. im so glad you showed me the correct paths to follow. Your a great boyfriend. youll always be my one and only :)) i love you forever and always! :)) -Cody Joyce- Yu's the brother and bestest frann i never had!!=DD iloveyu brotha! -Leighton Ashford-:)) ilovehim. Hes great. He always has me smilen and laughin. I miss him alot tho...Also Im his hippie chick:)) He loves me too.. -Cam- Cam Booty!! Boyy.. yur great! :)) love you!

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