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Scream Out Loud **FREE DOWNLOAD**

Rock / Pop Punk / Post Hardcore

Pensacola, FL

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Never Shout Never Pro

Pop / Indie / Acoustic

Belle Center, MO

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These Green Eyes

Post Hardcore / Punk / Alternative

Madison, CT

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Surviving The Skyway

Hardcore / Post Hardcore

St. Petersburg, FL


Escape The Fate Pro

Rock / Rock / Rock

Las Vegas, NV

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  • Ziplok said:
    Hi! Check out my songs and if you like what you hear fan me! ;) http://www.purevolume.com/Ziplok Jan 21
  • Justin Mo said:
    hey hey hey!!!! So Surviving The Skyway is playing a show at state theatre jan 14th. You should totally come out and hang! We're playing with our boys from The August Name also. Mostly because Evander has GREAT hair lol. jk. but seriously its going to be a great show! Dec 04
  • Justin Mo said:
    Sofia you've made my day :) Oct 03
  • Justin Mo said:
    Thats awesome really glad to hear!!! We have a show next week at FUBAR Downtown. You should come out. usually we have cd's and we're trying to get some more shirts before the show (we toss em out for FREE! Crazy right? A bunch of broke guys giving stuff away? Its unheard of! lol) But really I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. Downloads are free so enjoy lol. Keep in touch miss ;) Oct 03
  • Justin Mo said:
    Hey it would mean a lot if you could check out my band Surviving The Skyway (www.purevolume.com/survivingtheskyway) We're a good group of guys from St. Petersburg and if you like what you hear hit me up because I actually like to respond to people lol. Thanks. Oct 03
  • Evander said:
    Haha thank you! What kind of music were you expecting? and we have a show july 28 at gasoline alley in largo! Jul 14
  • Evander said:
    Hey I like your taste in music! My band just put up 3 new songs and added a show check out our page I think you'll like us, We are from St Petersburg! www.purevolume.com/theaugustname Jul 12



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Well... we're actually TWO people! NOT one :D We're besties and loveeee music! Hmm...our names are Elliee and Kat, I'm Kat. Elliee is wierd and wont type for some reason (cause i dont want to! :P) but oh well :D We basically have the same taste in music, but mine is a bit more pop-ish, and hers is more....scream-y? (meaning better!) eh, whatever. i actually like a lot of alternative too, but its mostly wide range :D Hai! This is Elliee! :) Well just to put this out there, we both HATE the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, basically anyone who started off on disney channel.. (ewww!) Hmmm.. Well we also dont really like metal, we're not saying its bad or anything.. its just we dont like it that much :) oh, and we'll also talk to bacisally anyone hot (either sex) lol ;p and one of us is single! hit us up for more details babes! :D TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:Kat and Elliee :)Birthday:may 28th ; august 3rdBirthplace:florida ; indianaCurrent Location:blech.. florida.. Eye Color:blue-green ; grey-ish blueHair Color:it depends ; light brownHeight:both 5'3"Right Handed or Left Handed:rightiesYour Heritage:european ; lots of things ;DThe Shoes You Wore Today:none :DYour Weakness:...uh we dunnoYour Fears:spiders/needles ; snakes/crocodilesYour Perfect Pizza:plain cheese for both!Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:go to as many concerts as we can

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