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  • Mamona Papazzone said:
    hey, all good? We are the Havenna band and we would like that you listened in the sound =) you are a writing caretaker, but of the one to have an idea ^^ http://www.purevolume.com/havennaoficial of its sincere opinion regarding our sound, please. Thank you! Apr 09
  • Ryan said:
    Hey! It would be awesome if you could check out my song, cause ya seem to have a great taste in music! thank you http://www.purevolume.com/RyanTunney Feb 02
  • ☾✯ SandyyXMoon✯ ☽◕‿◕。 said:
    lol ii knw tis is random bt ii love yur name hehe .^_^. skylar Feb 15
  • Sasha Grey said:
    Thought you'de enjoy this song too. I read about Anand Bhatt singing "Hallelujah" on an Oprah/Ellen twitter and hope to catch him with Maroon 5. Pretty great! http://www.sonicwaveintl.com/anand Jan 27
  • Xxmid night lightXx {WISHING AMONG A STAR OF HOPELESS} said:
    oh thats so cool.... i dont care for rap/pop either it gets on my nerves... also country... my dad likes to lisen to that crap... yuck..... xD ummm yep vampire music its pretty cool and amazing like it cus it has techno trance in the beat... its pretty cool.... if you do on vampirefreaks.com you can lisen to its radio and and they have random songs on there... its pretty cool... xD Sep 11
  • Xxmid night lightXx {WISHING AMONG A STAR OF HOPELESS} said:
    ummm i lisen to rave, techno, trance, electro music... also metal, emo, screamo, punk, rock, goth, vampire, alternative, headbanger music... i sometime lisen to hip-hop and pop but it sometimes gets on my nerves and i dont like country cus my step mother and dad and half sis lisen to it all the time so it pisses me off and dont like rap at all.... what do you lisen to?? Sep 01
  • Xxmid night lightXx {WISHING AMONG A STAR OF HOPELESS} said:
    oh lol thats so cool... sounds funnn music rocks... Aug 28
  • Xxmid night lightXx {WISHING AMONG A STAR OF HOPELESS} said:
    no problem... ummm nuthing much im just here... and thank you 4 the comment xD... whats up??? Aug 27
  • UnderTheS.t.a.r.s. said:
    Yup :) Ive all ready been once, now I'm going again in Chicago. Jul 17
  • Vi said:
    Hey Skylar. How are you? Lol. Thi still drunk. xD Jul 12


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  • General: New Aim

    Hey, well as some of you read my "about me", that i had an aim, and stuff. so if you want to add me on aim, MY NEW AIM IS: skylarto21 peace peace

    Jul 28, 2009

  • General: New Music?

    hey! well my speakers are officially broken as of now...gonna get a new set soon...i miss listening to music sooo much! T_T just leave me a comment or message me with…

    Jul 11, 2009

  • General: All Time Low and A Night In Hollywood

    WHOO! I'm super excited for ATl's new cd!! 2 more days!! and listen to a night in hollywood, their awesome :) ok, umm peace, cya later

    Jul 05, 2009

  • General: Hello Hollywood

    hey hey, yes i'm back again so soon with a post, but this is yet another great post..:D so my recommendation this time is: HELLO HELLYWOOD they've been on the purevol…

    Jun 02, 2009

  • General: NeverStopDancing! & Ante And After

    hey hey, these are two bands that are really talented..i recommend you dudes/dudettes to listen to them...their music's addicting, and yeah..they have a page right her…

    May 31, 2009



HEY! my name is skylar(it's pronounce skyler, but spelled with an a instead) u can call my sky if u want... although u can call me skylarrrr, or skylumbs..that's my nickname for my friends..lol i'm 14, turning 15 in august(can't wait) i love california!!, can't wait to go there on vacation this summer :) i LOVE music, music is what wakes me up in the morning and gets me dancing... and make me nod my head o_O if you have any bands/genres of music feel free to recommend them to me! and i need new music to listen to (not in a bad way) Right now i'm into The Devil Wears Prada, really amazing band..soo u should go and check them out..their new cd came out recently..and seriously it's one of the best cds i've bought..and i'm not saying that cuz there my favorite band:) ohh yeah! check out a skylit drive's new album "adelphia", ohh this album is so sic!! you seriously have to go check out their music, really! besides that i'm really into art and writing just something about art and writing.. maybe reading too, mostly chicken soup books..i'll read that! but i mostly like to read alt press magazines..gotta read that! i volunteer to help kids and on the YA Board, no $$ though..but it's all good...go ahead ya might think that's stupid. but somewhat i enjoy volunteering/community service because i can help in a way... i like to travel and experience cultures...some cultures are really beautiful.. my favorite colors R: purple, green, and black..other colors are suitable but ya know these colors go well together..(//_-) in my opinion:) i'm hoping to go to vans warped tour someday, "sighs" but i'm not going to this years..(warped tour 09) most of my fave bands that played last year is not on this years list, and tickets are sold out): i love buying cds...i'm looking forward to the releases this summer-ish, and somewhere around this year: Boys Like Girls (september 8) Paramore All Time Low (july 7) Flyleaf Cobra Starship A Skylit Drive The Cab and a bunch more albums, but i gotta think (not stupid), just have a lot of bands in my mind rite now :D d[-_-]b i think that's it, maybe more i haven't heard of..so gotta go find out... i have some favorite organizations InvisibleChildren Love146 TWLOHA KAB...you might think it's weird but i love that bands pitch in to help with these causes any more information about these organizations/causes, go look it up:) i don't have many friends, but i have enough friends my buddies, my friends, my BFFS for life...well see about that..lol jk also, wanna tell ya that i dislike/somewhat hate posers, wannabes, know it alls, fakes...i'm around those people all day at school, so they really annoy me... i hate people who are soo cocky at all times, i mean you can brag at times, but you know some people force it, and get carried away. not to be mean and rude, but that's me. my music interest..?? scroll up to my fave list, and you'll see..pretty much have the same genres in common..so i recommend my music to whoever's readin' this cuz u'll love it, hate it, whatever..i know you'll love it in some type of way..lol jk oh yeah, i almost forgot to tell ya..i have a twitter!! probably not exciting news however but twitter's somewhat fun..so follow me there, and i'll follow back..my screen name is BITT3R_SW33T add me on YIM, and AIM..just ask me for my screen names i'm still working on my AIM account, lost it, so working on another...let ya know if i make another aim.. [even though i finally have my username, aim's just being aim and won't let me get my pw or make another account...] i DON'T have a myspace. there are really sic bands on purevolume, and i have a problem...it's an addiction, yes i'm an addict of music :) message or comment me if ya have a question or something, or if ur really bored and wanna talk enough about me, how about you??? one last thing: ADD ME and ttyl dudes/dudettes PEACE

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