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  • General: not getting any older

    so i'm getting ready to go to college, a little scared, since i will not know any of the peeps there. but on the other hand its seems to be just another wild and crazy…

    Apr 12, 2012

  • General: ugh...same old same old

    so i've been told that anygirl would be lucky to have you scotty, or dont worry that specail someone will find you soon, or "well i know some pople who like you scotty"…

    Feb 21, 2012

  • General: rawr!

    hey guys its been forever since i've been on. so...how are you?

    Jan 31, 2012

  • General: what do i do????? :,(

    okay so i have a girlfriend now and everthing stated out wounderfully...till school started. you see she kinda lives 2 hours away! and well it hurts so much seeing all…

    Sep 01, 2011

  • General: well i'm single....

    yeah just lost my gf recently. i f-ing punched a wall and almost broke my hand but i'm all right now. now i'm just waiting for girl that is short sweet and down right s…

    Apr 06, 2011



i'm just a lonsome soul lost in the speck of time where chains cling to my everything. where the sun never shines the flowers never bloom and the moon is red u'll find me at the trunk of the tree where i think of why i cant be yours. when i'm sad my eyes dont cry they bleed, my heart will never beat, though my arms r free of cuts my heart is all but a heart, its a dirt bag of muscle thats rotted without love supporting it to keep it clean. .[hey i'm Scotty and i'm an artist. the drawing artist. my friends have recently talked about startng a band but itscomplicated :\ i'd be the singer.i like to walk in the woods and draw real-life people. i play gh2,3 and rockband 2, i have a bugillian cats 4 dogs, 2 horses, and a cow and a goat well um if i ever start my band its named: EYES OF BLACK AND BLUE(emo, goth, metal, punk;alternative band) oh and i'm like ans emo-goth-skater-dude thats lives in the middle of nowhere-kinda guy and no i dont cut myself i just write poems.] well most people dont know is that i'm bi-polor and a.d.d.. though, over the years i've fought against it and now not a whole lot of people notice it. well i've also gots exercise indused asthma(breathing trouble when i run or move fast) but in cross country i've conqoured it. i can run up to 10-12 miles withou taking a break. :D awsome right. lately i've just been singel and continue my journey for the other half of my heart. and perhaps my soul. well i also live in the middle of the woods and do dareing adventures like going up to my friends and i's cliffs and jump them back and fourth. wich r about a stori or two high with a jumping length of like 2-3 meters. or something like it. i'm a fun guy i like to hang out with people and i love just a little attention from both frriedns and that speacial someone(who ever that may be) not becuase im a rich snod for attention but simply because i'm alone and i need someone to let me know i'm not alone in this world.

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