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And Im bored lol. Heyy, I am Savannah(:Im usually a nice person, unless for some reason I dont like yooh. I am bored during class so I decided to write this. I hate it when guys keep trying to get with me when Im taken by someone else. I hate one word texts. I hate regretting things; I regret alot thats happened during the past. I <3 my bf(: I hate being told what to do. I love the rain but I hate storms. I love cuddling. I love kissing. I love being kissed. I hate surprises/presents that involve things that were bought. I love surprises from someone I care about. I love being told "i love yooh"; I dont like to be the first one to say it. I have attention deficit disorder; I have a short attention span. I have obsessive compulsive disorder; I like to keep things neat. I hate cleaning up after people. I love animals. I am a supporter of TWLOHA and Peta. I hate break up songs. I like "love songs". I love accents. I am proud of my Italian heritage. I hate people who think all Italians act like the people on the show Jersey Shore. I hate people who are immature. I love/hate "love". I hate being in love with someone yooh know doesnt have any feelings toward yooh at all; its happened more than once. I get my heartbroken alot; its usually my fault. I fall in love too easily. I hate getting attached to someone and then they leave. I love traveling. I write "lol" alot in texts; even though some things werent even funny. I dont like spelling words right while texting; but I love spelling words. I love writing. I love reading. I love it when a guy dedicates a song to someone they love. I love music; its my life. I dont like the people who believe in "Crazy Jesus". I hate being told I need to find Jesus; even though I may not look like it, I have faith. I hate being told Im satanist. I hate people who judge others. I hate two faced people. I think being called a bitch is a compliment. I hate blondes; although my best friend is blonde; she is an exception. I hate it when guys get jealous of my guy friends. I hate jealousy; especially when Im the one jealous. I like to draw; im good at it; for the most part. I love falling asleep in the arms of someone I love, I hate goodbyes when they mean "this is it". I love cute sayings. I love being kissed goodnight; even if its a text kiss. I love it when guys show their emotions to someone they love; it shows that they mean it. I trust people too much; then again I trust people too little. I trust guys with my heart too much; hence why its my fault when I get heartbroken. I hate being ignored. I hate it when people dont text me or call me back. I hate it when people just hang up. I hate attitude. I love poetry; but I cant write it. Im addicted to Dr. Pepper. I hate people with annoying squeaky voices or rough voices. I like guys with deep voices. I love accents. I love food. I dont like myself 89% of the time. My stomach hurts 99% of the time; dont ask why cuz I dont know. I cuss like a sailor. I love the ocean. I hate bugs. .. i may write more later.

Posted Nov 30, 2010 at 8:40am



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