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I'm Sammi. I'm a boring loser =p. Bands: Message me, I'll listen. Here are 30 random facts about me! 1. I laugh and smile when I'm nervous even in completely inappropriate situations. 2. One of my favorite places in the world to be is an aquarium 3. My favorite animal is a penguin 4. My biggest fear is possession 5. For some odd reason I love fake food… 6. I hated reading until I was almost 20, now I’ve read over 50 books. 7. I’m slightly allergic to cinnamon 8. The movie The Notebook broke me. Now I cry at every movie. 9. I graduated equine therapy 10. The thing I like best about my appearance is my freckles, I think they’re cute. 11. I am usually rocking back and forth when I’m sitting or shaking my leg, I don’t usually sit still 12. I very very rarely see those I consider my best friends (that are not related to me) 13. I have a phoenix tattoo on my left leg. You know that, you say? Well did you know HIS name is Chick Inn Allen? Now you do. 14. I love photography 15. I love riding motorcycles, but probably will never get to again. 16. I can sit for hours doing nothing but listening to music 17. For some reason that is beyond me most people don’t seem to have any trouble lying to me, and for an even crazier reason I always believe them. 18. I love video games 19. I talk to myself a lot instead of others because I know I’ll actually listen and not judge everything I say. 20. I once wanted to be a Vet Tech but got too scared and have talked myself completely out of it. 21. What I want most in life is to be a wife and mother, and to be loved unconditionally, for EXACTLY who I am by my husband 22. I still miss my Dad and often wonder if he would be proud of me. 23. I take 3 Prozac a day for anxiety and depression, and 1 protonix a day because I have way too much acid in my stomach. 24. I use to collect rubber duckies and have 53 of them. I do not collect them anymore. 25. I really like all the different kinds of rocks and minerals. A lot are so pretty. 26. I truly believe that if you truly love someone it doesn’t, will not and cannot just go away no matter what happens or what they do to you. 27. There’s a lot of things I don’t do just because I’m scared I will fail at it. 28. My favorite color is blue. I love the sky, and oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes… they are blue and beautiful lol. 29. I love the stars 30. I LOVE storms. Rain, thunder, and lightning. I love smelling the rain, feeling it. Listening to the thunder. And watching the lightning.

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