• elizabethchips said:
    hellooo to you to Dec 29
  • mmmLila...(chaos) said:
    thanks for the add sweetie poo :D what's shaken? Oct 27
  • mary said:
    hello! im Mary :) Jun 26
  • [LiLM0MMA]♥ said:
    hey! What's up What's up?! ^-^ Jun 17
  • Legna Zeg said:
    Hello, maybe this could be annoying but id like to share my bands song with you, check them out if ur free time allws u www.purevolume.com/afewmemories May 02
  • I bring the ruckus! said:
    Hello :] Apr 25
  • Alice . said:
    thanks for the add ;)) Apr 21
  • JARJ said:
    Hi!! my name is JARJ, I'm a member of A FEW MEMORIES, and I would love to invite to check our EP JUST NOT HERE!!! FRESH SOUND FOR FRESH EARS ^^!!! (hope you enjoy it) http://www.purevolume.com/afewmemories THANKS!!! Apr 15
  • -Laura said:
    Thanks for the add. Sup? Apr 12
  • Andie said:
    hey gorgeous, whats uppp :) Apr 09
  • e$cape said:
    hi Apr 02
  • Ems. said:
    you don't have to agree with me to make me like you:) lol jk Apr 02
  • evil said:
    hey hey :) Mar 28
  • Caitlin said:
    chicago ey? Nov 09
  • Dionna said:
    oh no, hope you feel better :) i'm pretty good, wicked busy with school tho. Nov 04
  • Dionna said:
    hah. np; how are you? :) Nov 03
  • A E said:
    thanks for the add (: Nov 03
  • Krista said:
    Hey, what's up? Nov 02
  • Elise said:
    hey thanks for the add :) whats up? Oct 28
  • KAY said:
    hiii Oct 27

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