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  • General: If you're interested..

    I'm planning on having a career in art somewhere in the future, and i was thinking, maybe i could better my skills by drawing things for people, if they wanted their na…

    Aug 10, 2009

  • General: My Lil Cuz.

    Mkay, so my lil cousin likes to punch people...in the jewels. He's not trying to be mean, he's just to rough when people tickle him and stuff. He gets too hyper...Shit!…

    Jun 09, 2008

  • General: TheRockBox!

    Okay. So there's this place in Rockford called The Rock Box and it's where a bunch of mostly local bands can play in a safe [[most of the time]] environment. The place…

    Jun 08, 2008

  • General: A Dedication To Him:

    This blog is for my friend, Eric. He passed away a couple of months ago.[[April 7, 1992 - April 17, 2008]] He had just turned 16 about ten days before he passed away. H…

    Jun 07, 2008



Hey, my name is Alyxx, but you can call me Mykie. i'm 17 and i love to play music. I've been playing guitar for about two years and sing all the time. I am also starting to record my own music and it's coming along great! I listen to about any kind of music cuz MuSiC Is MaH LiFe!!! Ima vegetarian and I love being one. I love my friends and I wouldn't be here today without them. [[Especially you, Eric. Rest in Peace kiddo,cuz I'll miss you forever and always, and I'll never forget you.]] I love talking to new people and getting to know them and i love picture and blog comments! lol && if there's anthing else you would like to know about me then hook me up on a message*slash*comment, yo! lol but if you aren't gonna talk, then don't request me, cuz i hate that!. so send me a message or or a comment otay? Yes. But only if your gonna talk! 815-980-60** ask meh for the last if you would like to! ...peace out fasho!... ^_^ What's your favorite....Beverage (non-alc) ?Arizona Tea!!!Color ?black, & any between blue & greenFood ?nilla waferz! yummeh!Item of clothing ?mah band shirtsMeal of the day ?lunchFeature on yourself ?eyes [pale green]Quality in a guy/girl ?eyes-color-sexxay. lolPhrase ?oh my buh-jesus!Song ?i never told you what i do for a living-my chemical romanceMusical Artist/Band ?my chemical romance, biotch!Sport ?i play tennis...ew. i'm good at it though.Movie ?dawn of the deadTV Show ?dexter [NOT DEXTER'S LAB!]Radio Station ?fuck that! ipod ho!Type of Chocolate ?darkEye Color ?super attractive ones.Do you/Have you ever....Have any pets ?yup. 11Have any piercings ?yup. 5Have any tatoos ?not yet.Cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriendnawh!Gone skinny dipping ?yep.Been to Europe ?nope.Been to an island ?not yet.Had stitches ?yes indeed. 3 times.Broken any bones ?uhhuh. collar bone.Been stabbed/shot ?by a pencil. i have the lead to prove it!Slept until after 12:00 ?yup.Stayed up all night ?multiple times.Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ?try in one night.Turned down a dare ?yup.Would you ever....Eat pizza with chocolate chips ?yummeh!Kiss someone of the same sex ?multiple times. um my exes.Cheat on someone you love ?Run away from home ?not necessarily...Lie to your parents ?yup.Lie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ?one of 'em.Lie to your best friend ?if she/he lied to me about something that i take HxC seriously.Give a homeless person money ?yup.Run from the police ?yeah. lol.Bungee jump ?yehp.Sky dive ?yes indeed.Cross dress ?uhm, not necessarily.Be an exotic dancer ?uhm...i dunno.Walk out of a restaurant without paying ?haha! that's fun.Scuba dive ?yehp.Go rock climbing ?already have, & it's supah fun!Go spulunking (caving) ?hell no! not after i saw the movie The Cave! that shit's scary. lol.What do you think of when you hear....Eminem ?his daughter hailie.Bologna ?round nasty circles of meat.Hott ?sexy friends.Orange ?popcicles lol.Real world ?reality tv.Jack ?Jack Ciaccio! [a friend]Cucumber ?Larry the Cucumber BITCHEZ!!!Hip-Hop ?a cheap excuse for sounding like a dumbass...and bunnies.Uniform ?private school! rockford lutheran suckx munky ballz!UniCORN ! ?my lil pony.Rainbow ?me and mah non hetero buddiez. lol.Clown ?wtf?!? IT! and i'm terrified of clowns cuz-o-that movie!CREATE YOUR OWN! - or - GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS!

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