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Instagram is a Social Media Network where anyone can share photos and video clips to their followers. If you are still starting out in Instagram, unless you’re infamous or an influencer, you will just have a handful of followers including your family and friends. But, if you want to share what you post in Instagram to a larger audience, you can try the following to help youget real Instagram followers why Instagram is so popular

Create A Complete Profile.

When someone accidentally stumbles on your Instagram account, what you want is to give an impression that will draw their attention and continue checking your posts. Keep the bio in your profile simple but interesting enough to make them hit the “follow” button.

Choose A Theme.

Many Instagram users just post a photo or video clips randomly. It is just okay but it will not make an impact to anyone. Your post should contain something in common like your interests and hobbies. You can do this naturally by using your Instagram as a journal. It will make your followers look forward to your next posts.

Provide A Remarkable Caption And Use Hashtags.

Your caption will not only let people know  trending. It will let you be on top of the list when Instagram users search something they are interested in and eventually they can have a peek of your account.You can use hashtags that are easy to remember and related to your post.

Build Our Connections And Interact.

Building your connections in Instagram can give you the opportunity to have the followers of your followers follow you. It is like inviting them to join in your circle. Also, interacting with them by replying to their comments may have them the initiative of tagging their friends and followers.

Work Together With Other Instagram Users And Organize A Contest.

This is a great way of gaining a lot of followers for both of you and with the one you are collaborating with. Working together with another Instagram user, especially if they offer a different niche from what you have, will increase your audience. You can organize a contest and include following both of your Instagram accounts, tagging friends who may be also interested in the contest, and liking the post part of the qualifications to join in. After posting the mechanics of your contest, you can watch how your followers will organically increase.


The above tips will let you gain a massive number of followers but it does not stop there. You have to make sure that what you provide your followers will surely make them stay as your followers. Your posts should always be focused on quality more than quantity. Well, you don’t have to use a lot of filters or don’t have to be an expert photographer to be able to produce high quality posts but at least make an effort to make it look good.

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