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Hello there. I guess I should say some stuff about me. I am a very outgoing person. Sometimes I get super confused about things such as: girls, life, music, purpose in life, more girls :). I also like to talk to people about problems they're having in their life, and I love to help them out with it. So feel free to message me if you have any issues or you just want to talk about the world or (saying under breath) the President. :) I'm also the lead vocalist for a band, Pedals of the Heart. We've got some pretty sick music. Better recordings are in the super near future, but it's still pretty awesome music. I would love for anyone to tell me about any issues they have with the music, so that we can make any changes to get us better. Here are a couple things I love: God My iPod Girls Music fo sho. :) The Cosby Show. Amazing show! Pianos. Been playing for about 8-9 years. Drums I also love it when people comment my page! :) I also LOVE talking to people so message me at any time of the day! I'm always on!

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