• benn franklin said:
    heyy whats up? heard my band yet? :] Jan 03
  • Selena said:
    WHAT'S UP? I'm Selena. I gotta question, do you like hard rock with female vocals? Yeah? Well I sing, and play guitar in this new Rock/Alternative band from Waldorf, Maryland called Poor Eve and I think you might dig our music! You can check us out @ purevolume.com/pooreve and download our FREE single "Make Way!"! Hope you like it! Let me know what you think Aug 25
  • Legna Zeg said:
    Hello, maybe this could be annoying but id like to share my bands song with you, check them out if ur free time allws u www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Apr 26
  • Thur said:
    Hi Can you help us? http://www.purevolume.com/fake160 Brazillian Rock´s Jan 20
  • Kimberly said:
    heyy thanks for the add Nov 19
  • XxRadBradXx said:
    yea i know. whats your fav song by them? Nov 17
  • XxRadBradXx said:
    nm what about you? Nov 16
  • XxRadBradXx said:
    heyy Nov 15
  • Shy-Shy lalalaLove You said:
    Pft.. My name is pronounced like yours. So we're cool :] Nov 15
  • LucasDeClavasio said:
    hey if you're looking for something chill to listen to, check out my music at www.purevolume.com/lucdee i look forward to hearing from you! Nov 09
  • Leegabe said:
    Hiiii, add me as friend?? LISTEN : The Band SENTIDO FIGURADO ( FROM BRAZIL ) www.purevolume.com/sentidofigurado Thank You !!!!!!! Equip. LEEGABE PRODUCTIONS Oct 31
  • Davy Jackson said:
    hey =] xxx Oct 28
  • KOBE said:
    HI! if you like hardcore/screamo rock please (if you want) take a look to our artist profile www.purevolume.com/kobehardcore thank you so much!! Oct 22
  • DaVe182 said:
    thanks for the comment ! glad you liked it :D Oct 15
  • CuPcAkE♥ said:
    haha dats alright. those are really cute pictures tho Oct 15
  • David said:
    yeah.....my friend and i are starting a band and we want to be just like them......except i would be zacky veangence =] were going to call ourselves "the anthem of the broken" Oct 14
  • DaVe182 said:
    hey! whats up? check our new song: Hey Sally! hope you like it =) www.myspace.com/riverdalemusic +DaVe Oct 14
  • said:
    SUP. i'm richard :] Oct 12
  • David said:
    well ya lol! i've tried to put new pics up but it says its bigger then 1 mb... =[ i'll try again lol haha what about sinister gates??? isn't he hot?? lol Oct 11
  • David said:
    ugh i know! and i just missed them.do you like avenge sevenfold???? Oct 09

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Music comes from the heart and soul(: Let's face it. These bios can sound all the same and be either about how much said person loves their life, or hates it... but they keep trying, ya know? I don't want this to be one of those bios. But I will say this. Hi, I'm Cheyenne. :)

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