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I dont understand anymore

The word love seem to have no meaning left to it

Love was once a strong word that was only used when you knew someone better then they knew them self, when you could finish the words that spill from there lips, when you lay next to them your bodys seem to become one, when you would lose your breath as you go in for a hug and your cheeks brush, when ever kiss not just the first make your heart race, when you can just look into there eyes for hours and not need to say a word but you both know what is goin on, when every second apart feels like years and every minute together like seconds.

But it seems to have lost its beauty. Love is now just an over used word you say when you barely know the person, when your lay with them its just because the sex is over, hugs turn into one armed barely touching movements, a kiss is just your lips on theres, when you look into there eyes you see nothing but movies of yesterday, and every second apart is spent with someone else who falls for the four letter lie of your so called love.

Is it just me? or does love mean nothing anymore? It seems to be nothin more then a song..

Posted Feb 05, 2010 at 8:28pm

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  • Liah Leeyah said:
    I totally agree with everything you said and it's absolutely true. People and the world has just lost the true meaning of things and ignore it. Mar 02
  • steph.xo said:
    well i can honestly say i love u Nov 13
  • No More Madeline. :[ said:
    I really like this rae. You should listen to the song "Love is a fast song" by Copeland.. It has a lot to do with this stuff. :] Jun 17
  • CK said:
    that is the deepist thing i have ever heard. that is very touching and i know how you feel. Jun 04
  • J.smily said:
    yeah i know or people use it just to get what they want... Jun 03
  • Stephen =] said:
    this is really deep stuff.. honestly idk either like it seems like the word is thrown around like a toy having no meaning towards it but youre right with the part with having that special someone saying it to you and your heart racing but honestly heres a question i kinda need to find out: how do you know that feeling when you find that special someone? Is it just a greed of wanting the feeling or are youre feels lost in the word itself? i leave you and many others that read this this question "Can love be really as they say beautiful or just blinding you with the realy truth behind it?" ~stephen~ Feb 16

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