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  • General: WhatIsWrongWithMe

    i miss her.  i miss her more then i ever thought possable yus she hurt me, she broke my heart into so many pieces i ever thought i could put it back together but her…

    Nov 13, 2011

  • General: What Is Love?

    I dont understand anymore The word love seem to have no meaning left to it Love was once a strong word that was only used when you knew someone better then they knew…

    Feb 05, 2010

  • General: Just another stopping point on my road of disappointment

    So sick of the lies So sick of the heartbreaks Why cant you be real and tell me the truth, but insted you must lie and make it all worst I have become so used to it…

    Feb 03, 2010



Im Rae, call me what you will. Pierced, gauged, inked. Canadian (Woot?:P) Hair and makeup artist. Say what you will, its an art form of its own. Also play guitar and write. Bi. Don't like it? Guess who couldnt care less :D Single, at the time, if ya care ;P I kinda really love crack ;) so don't be surprised at the things i say ;P DO NOT ASK IF I HAVE MYSPACE!!! I HAVE FACEBOOK & MSN & SKYPE THATS IT! WANT IT, ASK Ummm yeah that all for today kids :)

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