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    Aug 28, 2010



hello :) you know what you should do? add me. http://thescenekidz.ning.com/profile/DawnAlexander Check out my blog http://simplesilence.tumblr.com/ So im basically the kind of girl with the crazy words and moody, kick ass, chilled personality. im a sucker fer those europeans accents. ohh yeahhhh id play dead fer them b/tches. it seriously pisses me off when ppl steal my lingo. "ni99a it was hella tight" thats mine, kay? so BTFO. "Epic Fail" is its own failurr. ugh. gag me. Lady GaGa is a fashion disaster & my b/tch of the night. Audrey Kitching is my lover and Scotty Vanity is the shizzznitt. JT is the sexxx and Miley Cyrus can party her ass out of the USA. I play the piano. My guitars are my biffless and id never give 'em up. I love funn and excitement but I sometimes go in my emo>>moods. [[thats where ''Last Resort'' come in]] I practically sleep in neon and swallow black eye liner. So hit me up on those messages, kay hun? :) ... ... ... ... :smile sugar)) happy looks good on ya;) lol damn i sound like a happy bitch on here

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