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The Academy Is...

Rock / Indie / Alternative

Hoffman Est, IL

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Pop / Rock / Punk

Boston, MA

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The King and the Thief

Alternative / Acoustic

Bloomington, MN

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The Switch Kids!

Pop / Rock / Powerpop

Oakmont, PA

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Eisley Pro

Indie / Pop / Rock

Tyler, TX, TX

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Comments (37)

  • Jesse said:
    hey :) I saw you on For All Those Sleeping's page. I have a band called Amyst, which is pretty similar to FATS, you should check it out :] we have a new song up that you can download for free. let me know what you think yeah? ~Jesse~ Jan 10
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    jk can suck it. mine. no mas, senor. period. seriously. ily C: Aug 28
  • Jack said:
    hi:) whats up? I am a member of the group called "UnderDying" metalcore post hardcore www.purevowlume.com/underdyingband thanks, have a nice day ! Aug 07
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    gosh. stop distracting meeeeeeee! i can't find my copy of "all the king's men" i think i lost it..i never lose things. this sucks. i think i left it at school. i'm stealin' yours. =P distractingggg. Jun 07
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    just kidding.. iloveyou, hubby. Jun 07
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    here i go so dishonestly leave a note for you my only one & i know you can see right through me so let me go and you will find someone. i let go but there's just no one..no one like you. you are my only..my only one. ask jenna out! Jun 07
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    ps. don't go away again i wanna be more than your phone call at four a.m. it seems like everytime you come back home it's just to make me fall again...just to make me fall again. ---she made it hard to leave as she stood by the door in a "v" neck t-shirt & nothing more than a single tear rollin' down her cheek...yeahh-ahhh--- oh yeahhh and...the way she moved her lips, the way it drove me insane. (he&his...unless i'm jenna) i'm going to call you now. Jun 02
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    you smell....."what, i smell bad?" no that's not it...you smell...you smell.. "BAD." like sweat, eric. =) you make me laugh, es. fo-eva, fo sho. hahaha. Jun 02
  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast what up? Jun 01
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    listen to "friends"--red car wire. very cuteeeee. you're cute too. love you, babe. May 23


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