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Origami Boat


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Origami Boat

How to Make an Origami Boat Are you fascinated of Origami Ships? In this step by step instructable, I'll show how to make the boat. It's very easy and simple! ... How to Make a Paper Boat Origami Tutorial Origami Paper Boat Tutorial I am a child of a shipman and l was attracted by water and boats throughout my childhood. My parents were captains. As a … Continue reading

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Posted Apr 07, 2017 at 2:24am



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Origami-Kids is a web site specifically for plane and boat lovers and is organised neatly to display over 50 models of gliders, hunters, vortexes, tumbling planes and boats. Each paper model is pictured in detail, along with instructions on how to make them fly. The categories mentioned above are according to the type of planes — for e.g., hunters would fly fast whereas gliders would cover long distance by staying afloat in the air for longer.

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