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3OH!3 Pro

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Boulder, CO

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Bring Me The Horizon Pro

Metal / Metal / Metal

(( Aberthaw )), United Kingdom

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Chase Coy

Acoustic / Indie / Folk

Greenwood, IN

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_1997_ Pro

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Chicago, IL

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Mayday Parade Pro

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Tallahassee, FL

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Comments (98)

  • AlexisaurusRex™(love_my_bandana_not_me) said:
    lol aw thanks cyber hug =] sorry i havent been on here in like years lol you should deff hit me up on facebook cause i get on there more =] Jul 03
  • AlexisaurusRex™(love_my_bandana_not_me) said:
    lol aw thanks Jul 03
  • suicidalXbutterflies (Lila) said:
    well i start school tomorrow and im not getting many hours at work, so yeah.. that's pretty much it. kinda crappy but it could be worse, so im keepin my head up. how about you? Jun 29
  • sharla:} said:
    welcome XD lmao. so what are you up too? Jun 29
  • And A Baby That Looked Like A Marshmellow, I Was Stoned And Wanted To Eat It said:
    Today I went out for lunch with friends and when I was coming back to school some woman that works in my school was like “EXCUSE ME girls, you do know that lunch started early today, therefore for you are late for your lesson” I was like “well my dearest, we were not informed about this, therefore we are not late” she looked at me like :O and was like “don’t you dare be cheeky with me, don’t make me take your cards away AGAIN” we need them cards to go out for lunch, if we don’t the teachers wont let us out, and if were caught out without the cards then we get detention. I wanted to laugh a lot. My friends were like omg I cant believe you called her dearest. Jun 25
  • XxGummiiBearzxX said:
    teehee kool!!! im from jersey :D Jun 23
  • XxGummiiBearzxX said:
    ya welcomez :D jessie ^^ Jun 20
  • XxGummiiBearzxX said:
    lolz fanxxx :D and chur welcomez yer picturez are very cute :) Jun 19
  • KarissaaKhaos; said:
    im gonna get one soon k? Jun 19
  • And A Baby That Looked Like A Marshmellow, I Was Stoned And Wanted To Eat It said:
    i had another science exam today. it was supposed to start at 9:00 am but they started it at 8:50 so basically i was late for the exam. . and i had to have a detention coz i was late. i was actually on time. me and my freinds were like "WTF" i was soooo pissed. the schools not allowed to do that. and when i said to the teacher that it wasnt our fault, its actually yours. she proper shoated at me. i was like "why you shouting at me. dont talk to me like that," she was like "dont talk to me in that attitude. omg i thought i was gonna go mental. and ooo i went belgium on friday. was sooo fun. we went to some museam, but there was some belgium school there and they kept on talking about us. it was like wth. and i couldnt understand their language. and ooo my school hired out a chockolate shop and they gave us all this free chocolate. was sooo kewl :D Jun 18


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Hola,the names is David but my close friends call me davie Only leesy can only call me tony(long story) im 16 i drink and drive but not at the same time i also smoke and if u guys dont like it who care its mylife life Ive made mistakes but who hasnt I belive dont regreat what uve done,but regret what u havent but what i learned over the years is dont ever lie to anyone u really love becuause "secrets dont make friend"(from first to last)) i dont belive in sex b4 marrige (keep it in ur pants Kids) but its funn to fool around but dont have to much fun ;) i kick it with freinds at the river(sort of an outdoormall) and we always have some story to tell people from wjhat we did i love to play my guitar and drums my friends tell me i could sing but idk if i sound good like they say ive been a couple of bands a couple never really got far my uncles tells me the reason most bands made it were cuz of drugs/drink/and tight pants lol i already got the tight pants what i got to work on everything else haha well i got a cell phone so dont trip if u wanna txt just ask hit me up on my myspace also http://www.myspace.com/beaner_david

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