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The Dangerous Summer Pro

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Daniels, MD

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Return To Arms

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Bellmawr, NJ

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Dragonette Pro

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United States

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Mika Sounds

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  • Liz Sparks said:
    hey!how are you? i´d like to share some music with you! BM gots a NEW RECORD!!! it´s alternative music. you can listen it on http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo if you like it become his fan please! =) leave your comment please! Nov 30
  • VIctoria Alyssa said:
    Heyy wat have u been up 2 lattely hun? Jul 29
  • THOM said:
    Hey! whats up im thom=D Jul 28
  • [mieka]onfire!! said:
    No lie? Haha. Lucky!! Thats where my boyfriend is from!! Im from cali, gaaaaaaaaay. Jul 26
  • [mieka]onfire!! said:
    Really? Lucky. It hasn't rained here in like seven months :P Jul 25
  • [mieka]onfire!! said:
    Nothing much, downloading some new music, and chillaxing, lol:) Jul 24
  • [mieka]onfire!! said:
    Thanks for the request:) Whats up?? Jul 24
  • YUMMMdaisyXD!™ said:
    well let see....imma go to warped tour and shows,get wasted and just have fun over the summer :DDD gotta make the best outta it cause it will be my last summer as a kid :( Jun 16
  • YUMMMdaisyXD!™ said:
    just asking to make convo lol and yay! when was this??? Jun 12
  • YUMMMdaisyXD!™ said:
    thats kewl :) so ur not gonna go anywhere for summer vacation??? Jun 11


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'ELLO! Libz hur! I LOVE DINOSAURS AND RAINBOWS! and im bi. i get along with most people.... unless they cant stand to hear the truth! MOst people hate meh though because i do not think before i speak and usually end up offending people. Just tell meh if i do! I lyke to talk so if you add meh actually message meh! I am a very hyper and friendly outgoing person. i am VERRY competitive, and lyke to be right...even if i know im wrong i still argue, which i guess would make meh stubborn. I play soccer for funn. And i LOVE hellokitty even though shes a slut! I LOVE to TALK, TEXT, SMILE, LAUGH, be funny, Be crazy, I lyke to jump around and talk to random people. Im a naturally happyy and exited person!Also i will not lie i is VERRYY shallow! But i canalso be very nice you just have to get to know meh. I have many people i iodolize but Dakota Rose by far is the the person i look up to the most! I think that she is EMAZINGLY gorgeous! I LOVE meh some brass knuckles i wear muh necklace everyday! I wantz some real ones! So if anyone knows where to get them inform meh! I dont get on here much anymore but if you want to talk just send a message and i will tryy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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