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Auto Body Brooklyn - Auto Body Repair Estimates Demystified - The five Most Common Items on a Repair Estimate

You have thought we would receive an estimate coming from a local repair service. These days, most body shops make use of a computerized estimating software to create your estimate. If the shop you've chosen doesn't work with a computer to publish your estimate that should be reason to be concerned. This isn't meant as a jab at those while owners and technicians using this program . not implying they're "backward" or "luddites" or ignorant. Its more for accountability. Computerized software programs are now standard in your industry and insures a far more uniform, unbiased and accurate appraisal how long things decide to use repair. For example, I had been speaking with a shop owner only a few days ago who was remembering with fondness the good old days whilst would routinely get 15+ labor hours to mend frames on cars that nowadays he only gets 4-5 hours on. The reality is however that 4-5 could be the better and fair rate (with regards to the job obviously it may be about). As well as consumers and insurance providers are billed by the hours on an estimate that old era of falsely inflating hours have died.

Posted Oct 05, 2015 at 7:22am



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