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Casual Hearts

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Huntington Station, NY

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Before Life Crisis (MO)

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Liberty, MO


Eric Shelby

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San Diego, CA

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Bamboo Shoots

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Chase Coy

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Greenwood, IN

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  • Jon Stoddard said:
    Hey! It's Jon from Crash Coordinates :) Just wanted to personally let you know that we have a pre-order package for our new EP "Echo Theory"! It includes our New EP, a limited edition T-Shirt, a phone call from us and some other goodies! You can get your package from here http://crashcoordinates.storenvy.com/ What do you think?! Let us know ;) Love, Jon and Crash Coordinates May 17
  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo "Music made with the heart and not with the hands" Mar 23
  • AnthonyGRIND said:
    Heyyy cutie, my good friend is in a project called Melina May and I'm pretty sure you'll dig his tunes. Some say he sounds like Nevershoutnever, others have said Owl City. Why don't you decide?? Hes new to purevolume and is trying to expand in this purevolume world ;] Thanks for your time. =] www.purevolume.com/melinamay Feb 21
  • Jon Stoddard said:
    Heylo! Just in case you haven't heard, Crash Coordinates just released a new single yesterday called "Counting Down the Days." I think it's one of our best songs yet, but let us know what you think :) www.purevolume.com/crashcoordinates Dec 28
  • Jon Stoddard said:
    Hey! exciting news fellow fan of Crash Coordinates! I wanted to let you know we just released a new single called “You Really Got Me.” We’ll be releasing another one next month! Hope you enjoy and let the band know what you think. Have a great day :) http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-really-got-me/id398600310 www.purevolume.com/crashcoordinates Oct 25
  • Jon Stoddard said:
    Hey! I saw you're a "fan" of Crash Coordinates! :D Just wanted to let you know we released a new EP that you can stream at www.purevolume.com/crashcoordinates. Leave us some love and let us know what you think!! Sep 28
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Hey Jun 02
  • ☼Brandon☼ said:
    hello thur:) May 31
  • Melanieee said:
    ElloThere. =] Apr 20
  • Liz Sparks said:
    music hey how are you??? let me tell yo BM has a brand new third record!!! it´s some kind of alternative music!!!please check it out and if you can add him just to be in touch!!! and leave a comment please! =) Mar 13


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3 hours ago I was at a volleyball tournament, being "fleshburner" I am in love with Christofer Drew. I have not ever eaten a crayon. There are no pink items within 10 feet of me. The last time i went to the mall was last Saturday to meet CHRISTOFER DREW. I am wearing socks right now. I do not own a car. Last time I was out of town was to meet Christofer Drew last Saturday. I have been to the movies in the last week. I am damn fucking hot. The last thing I had to drink was Milk. Gag. Right now I am wearing a green and black flannel with comfy jeans and mocasins. I prefer car washes. The last food that I ate was rice and jello! Last week at this time I was probably at the boys bball game vs. our rival. I have bought clothes in the last week. The last time I went running was yesterday. SOon to be tonight. The last sporting event I watched was basketball. My favorite animal is the meerkat! My dream vacation is to Greece. The real one ;) The last person's house I was in, was my bestfriend Lucci. An ankle sprain is the worst injury I have ever had. I miss my loverboy right now ;) Only 24 more hours, hot stuff. The last play I saw was Into The Woods because my friend Kelsey starred in it. My secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex is the sexy eyes. My plans for tonight: Practice for solo contest, work out, watch grey's anatomy, SLEEP. I do not have a myspace. The next trip I am going to take is to Arkansas to see my cousins. I go to Jesus camp every summer and winter, band camp every summer, and sometimes volleyball camp! I am currently a GOLD student, straight a's bitches! I would like to know what I will look like in the future. and what the next form of communication will be. I am not wearing any perfume, i am wearing my lovely natural scent! I am not due for a doctor's visit. My best friend is sitting on her computer ordering us tickets for Dear John tomorrow night with our men. My best friend is great. I am super pale. Wish my parents would let me tan. I am listening to One In The Same by Cady Groves. Love her. I collect movie tickets, and tags off of clothes. I am the biggest gossiper I know. I drink my soda from a straw. My last text message recieved says: For sure ;) It involves food. Be scared. I hate hot sauce and mexican food. I took a shower last night. I am not allowed to do laundry because i "waste water" I am german...? I am many peopl's best friends. I am moderately rich I guess you could say. At 12 am last night I was letting my nerdom get the best of me... I was reading. I have gone three days without sleep. Could go a lot longer. My worst habit is probably leading guys on. I think its fun. My favorite website is dailybooth/and twitter. its a tie. I love apple juice. I am a night person I love salty foods. My favorite show as a kid was WISHBONE. I wish I could see through things because I am short. So I could actually see the board over this one guy with a really big red afro's head in history class. I am always behind on the notes. :(

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