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Kings Of Leon


Nashville, TN

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Pendulum (Official)

Electronic / Drum and Bass

London, United Kingdom

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Killswitch Engage Pro


Vero Beach, FL

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The Truth Unveiled

Alternative / Hardcore / Rock

United States

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Thats Whats Up (NEW VIDEO UP!!!)

Rock / Screamo / Electronic

Ghettosburg, MD

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  • Same As Sunday Street Team said:
    Hi Pia!! Same As Sunday here dropping by to leave some requested info...visit our myspace.com/sameassunday for new tunes, a link to vote for us to play Warped Tour, and chat with the boys...only a few days left to vote for us!!! Info is also on our purevolume blog...twitter us! twitter.com/same-as-sunday...much love to you, Pia, from Same As Sunday Jun 09
  • tonights the night we silence you said:
    whats going on? Jun 03
  • Nik said:
    hello hello beautiful. checkin out some of your bands on here!! lovin' the style :> Jun 03
  • MissOCG said:
    Hey guys! Hope you enjoy my favorite artist and we can talk about them and shit. I dig music and I'll dig you too if you're nice to me lol! Anyway, I have another account, but I can't figure out the password and email I used for it. SOO LAME!! So I made this new one! Please enjoy and leave me one on here! HAPPY 2009 EVERYBODY! Thanks for being my friend.. Miss Pia Jun 02


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..to brainwash the FUCK out of you.. :::Shitz about Miss OCG::: //NFA..Pia Tortilla..Pia Bread..Headlights..Chia Pet..Butt Floss..Cereal Killer..Sexypants..Woodnymph..Pia Tequila..Pia On Mia..Pita..OCG..Peepee..(P)ain (I)n (A)ss..LBFM// Living and playing around here in San Diego bites monkey balls. However, I love San Diego and I'm soo enamored with this place. I got great friends&&family. My friends are just crazy and I ♥ them to death! Can't ask for anything more. I'm just crazy, wild, bold, and without say...I do things that are either funny, dirty, witty, or just plain stupid. See I told you that you don't have to get me boozed up or drugged out to have me loosen up. However, there is an exception: If I don't know you, sucks for you to not see my goods!!! Unless, if you get lucky!!! HAHAHAHA!! EVERYBODY knows me as that sweet, kind girl that you can just have fun with. As everybody would say, "LOVE ME OR HATE ME, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET." I enjoy playing pool, reading books all the time, and many other things which will take forever to write out. I enjoy doing things spur of the moment! Very rare on occasion will you ever getting a "NO!" because I'm pretty much down for almost anything. Friends tend to wonder when I'm about to punch or kick; however, I am ABSOLUTELY a lover, NOT a fighter. So don't forget that! I'm just that girl who can spend time with the guys! Just don't take my kindness and friendliness to your advantage! It's limited! You cannot find friends like me, and it's very rare. So it's like I'm an endangered animal! Drinking is barely a direction for me! Try buying or giving me a drink when the next answer you get is, "I don't want it!" Eat me! I just don't drink and if I were to, you'll be a lil surprised. Drugs, go for it, but not me (Well..except for the rare occasion of smoking weed!) I love life and I enjoy the possibilities and the impossibilities that come with it! If shit goes down, don't stress. You'll just get right back on your feet and move on. My motto, "PAIN FOR PLEASURE." SOOOO...TAKE THAT [[Your FUCKING one&&only]] LBFM

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