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How do I spend my time? These days, I am a musician first and foremost, doing everything in my power to break into the music industry. I am currently the vocalist and keyboardist for a post hardcore band called Live to Tell for which I greatly appreciate any form of support whatsoever www.battleofthebands.com/livetotell (please vote for us to play warped tour) I am always looking for people to get involved in my project either directly or indirectly so don't be shy if the music interests you in any way :). We will be releasing our debut album hopefully sometime in August, but these things have a way of taking longer than expected, especially for perfectionists like me. My life has had a number of seemingly incompatible phases...basically oscillating between the possibly impractical dream of rock-stardom and a lofty intellectual fascination with almost everything. I have become severely disillusioned by the way society seems to funnel us into various forms of slavery and I am still struggling with whether or not there is any place that I truly fit in... In addition to these things, I enjoy working out because I like to stay in shape. I like to dress well and I do put a considerable amount of effort into my personal aesthetics. I was almost going to train to become a hair stylist. Most of all, I love connecting with people. I am happiest when I am with someone who I know cares about me, sharing an experience of any kind. I have a tendency to wander off in a number of directions...and sometimes find myself in very dark and lonely places. This is when I truly need my friends and family, and I am ready and willing to be friends with anyone. I don't judge other people no matter what because I know that everyone has the capacity to do both terrible and wonderful things. I feel that what the world is lacking is compassion and understanding...for whatever reason these warm concepts don't seem to be emphasized in our society, but that doesn't mean I can't do my best to stand for them. I'm always searching for something profound and beautiful to spend my life on, but I end up burning myself out. I put a ridiculous amount of effort into whatever I try but i lack consistency in my direction...and I've been too many people...too many disconnects to really establish anything long lasting. I'm trying to fix that. I am inconsistent, full of love, contemplative, quixotic, intense, dissatisfied, lost but driven, on fire, afraid but strong, gentle but firm, personable but detached, optimistic but melancholy, fun, silly and goofy, different, idealistic but down to earth.

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