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When writing articles for your blog, it helps to know that not every visitor is going to read your article. There are a number of reasons why, but one of the most important is the headline. If your headline does not entice visitors to click, read, and share what you have written, then your efforts are not going to be a successful as you want. 

The headline is the most important piece of advertising to your article. Writing one that pulls considerable interest may be considered an art form by some, but with so many examples like Buzzfeed which has enormous readership for their efforts thanks to the headline it can be done. So, here are five ways to make your headlines clickable, readable, and sharable with your readership which will improve web traffic to your site. 

Numbers and Lists

You may think the internet is inundated with list articles or those that pack numbers into their headlines. Well, it’s like that because it works. This is because numbers help make a headline really stand out and attracts the eye in a way that standard words simple do not catch. So, if there is a way to incorporate a number, digit, or mention of a list then you have something that will pull in readers. 

Get to the Point

Do not dilly-dally with your headline, get straight to the point. Research shows that the most read headlines are on average just six words. Plus, most people stop reading a headline after the first 65 characters or letters. If you do not grab your audience in the first few words, then your headline is not effective. Do not lead up with your words, hit it right out of the box.

Infuse it with Value 

You need to really push the overall value of your article through the headline. You want to explain to the reader why your article is worth their time. This means crafting your headline in a way that reaches those who scan the words. 

Use Interesting Adjectives

It’s easy to get stuck using the same adjectives over and over again in your headlines. That can be a real detriment because your article headlines will all start looking alike. Instead, have ready access to a thesaurus and use interesting adjectives to help boost reader interest in your headline. By using a word that is well understood, but not often seen you can catch the eye of someone who might otherwise pass your articles by. 

Embellishing is Okay

You probably have seen headlines with the word “secrets” when the article itself contains information that you already know. That’s okay as embellishing the headline is fine if you want to set it apart. Just so long as the information inside the article matches generally the headline you have written, it is okay to embellish it a bit with words like “ultimate”, “serious”, or even “secrets”. 

By using these five techniques, you can increase the effectiveness of your headlines and get more people to read your articles. This blog article was brought to you by the men and woman at Lilo Web design. Lilo is a world renowned Web development and SEO company located in the London UK.  For more information you visit their site or email them at info@lilo.co.uk 

Posted Oct 10, 2016 at 9:43am



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