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    Favorite Genre? post-hardcore Least Favorite Genre? Country Favorite Song? untitled by handshakes and highfives xDDD Favorite CD? Alesana "the…

    Mar 20, 2010



hai, im Lexi. close friends call me GooGoo the reason is strange but it stuck and i have given up on trying to stop people from calling me that. some people also call me Puff. IDEK how that came about but people like to think of me as a small puff.like a cheese puff,or a cocoa puff. meuw =^.^= sooo... basically u can call me any of these hehehehh. moree about mee... im 15 years old and 5 feet short. I live in NYC & im a freshman at High School for Arts and Business in Corona, Queens i do my own hair.(hella gangsterr) im kinda shy but im the nicest person ever meet and the small things nice things just make my day. a few obsessions;; nancy carpio(wife lol). lady gaga. pinkberry. brass knuckles. concerts. dyed hair. david schmitt!. teporary tattoos. kittens. skinny jeans. band tees.arizona iced tea. fishnet tights. zebra. stickerz. twix. texting. bubble wrap. sex bracelets. bed head products. ipod touch. the word "shank". gay men. tic-tacs. viva pinata. guys in bands. bubble tea. a few things a hate quite a bit;; the word "bday". being labeled. bragging. hypocrites. jeans with no back pockets. dogs. jordans. the color brown. gangsterr rap. the way my brother does the "L" sound. math. peace signs. slow people walking in front of me. grocery stores. the train takes FOREVER. the twilight saga. VVV add this band pleeeasee! VVV http://www.purevolume.com/LoveMadeDestruction

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