• Micah Brill said:
    Hey what's up? Please check out my deathcore project This Divided World @ www.facebook.com/thisdividedworld Nov 18
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    Lmfao, true true. But, i'm sure things can wait xD at least i hope o: Nov 17
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    Sleep sounds good right know :D HahA Laziness, it's always good ;] Nov 17
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    ehh, not much just on tumblr. and listening to music ^_^ Wbu? Nov 17
  • When Brokenhearts decay; said:
    Yeah I only just got back on here. Facebook is most common for me to be on (: So yeah. PureVolume, gets boring.. sometimes. Nov 15
  • neon kitten =^.^= said:
    hellooo im new here n just wnna be ur friend Nov 15
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    that's hella sweet! ;) and yea. it is pretty sick ^_^ Nov 15
  • chad said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/RiseOfCommonMen Nov 14
  • When Brokenhearts decay; said:
    - My hair, isn't fantastic. Baha, thanks for adding me. I shall acccept soon as I get back on Facebook C; Nov 14
  • mitchel. said:
    same same. i'm just doing homework. or, pretending to do homework that is. Nov 14
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    Nice, we have a forest area, so i am trying to convince my relatives to make it a place so i can paintball 24/7 ;) and Really not much, i'm just trying to find the unifying principle of geology. Nov 14
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    Alright, yes of course! I am using a PMI piranha paintball gun. The body is sexy ^_^ and hey!(: at least you try! ;3 Nov 14
  • When Brokenhearts decay; said:
    - Heey there. Just saying, I love your hair :DD It's so awesome haha facebook me :D Nov 13
  • AcidPikaCHU! said:
    mmm, [; i read your bio (not because, i'm a stalker) .... i just thought.. i'd say... i FUCKING love To paintball to.. i like to skateboard...well my skateboarding is more of the lines.... off "oh! shit, don't fall". Nov 11
  • Karzon said:
    haha:D i like your hairree Nov 11
  • Eric - facebook.com/yoursecondchance said:
    HEEEEEEY!!!!! my band is coming out with our 3rd full-length in 3 months. except we're making this one $$FREE$$ :) visit us at facebook.com/yoursecondchance Nov 10
  • mitchel. said:
    you're welcome. :] what's upp? Nov 08
  • Karzon said:
    ey you xD Nov 07
  • ☮♥Paola-Bear♥♫ said:
    No Problem C; Nov 05
  • Lesley Lovegood. said:
    :DDDDD Oct 27

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Hey I'm Andrew...there's not much to say about me. Uhmmmm let's see I love music, all but rap, I skate (or at least I'd like to think so XD) and I love paintball!!!! It's the best sport ever!!!!!! Uhm sometimes I can be random (btw I love leoplurodons!!!!) as you may have noticed lolz I'm very quiet most of the time, but once you get to know me I'll open up. So that's basicly it (= oh and add me on Facebook and Xbox Live: leoplurodon909 just tell me your from PV and I'll approve you

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