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Why It's Picky About Ammo And Just what To Do Regarding It
The Walther P22 is notoriously picky about the kind of ammo that it will reliably chamber as well as feed. Ammo pickiness is a problem that lots of.22 quality firearms deal with, and also it's frequently special to a specific firearm. One Walther P22 may be extremely picky regarding ammunition when the next handgun off the production line will fire simply regarding any type of brand name of rounds go through it. If your P22 is one of the choosey types, there are a couple of points that you can do in order to help relieve the trouble.
The P22 is a small gun with components that operate under very limited tolerances. The problem is that on some pistols the resistances are also limited as well as parts scrub or understand each other interfering with the effectiveness and also movement of the handgun's action. Numerous of the issues that I'll cover below are points that the supplier could repair if they were to revisit the style of the P22. With any luck, with enough articles similar to this in flow - they will.
An important as well as frequently affect element of the P22 is its slide. The zinc alloy slide is usually affected by the trigger bar ears when it's returning back to firing position after a round is discharged. When the trigger bar ears influence the slide, they cause divots to create in the ramp on the bottom of the slide. These divots will boost in size gradually creating the problem to obtain worse. As they boost in size, the drag on the slide raises also as well as causes it to go back to the firing placement with less as well as much less force. This ultimately hinders the slide's capacity to totally chamber a round.
The remedy to this issue is to remove a percentage of material from the trigger bar ears, 223 ammo and after that to brighten them to ensure that they glide much more smoothly down the ramp on the bottom of the slide.
The hammer is one more force that placed significant pressure on the slide inhibiting appropriate action. The P22's hammer calls the bottom of the breech block with adequate pressure to slow down the hammer down when it's attempting to eject a spent cartridge, cock the hammer, grab a round from the magazine as well as chamber the round.
When a round is fired, the slide moves in reverse quickly expeling a round as well as proceeding back to cock the handgun's hammer. As the slide returns, the top of the hammer contacts the breech block and also pushes the slide up versus the rails on the gun's frame. The higher force draws energy from the slide hindering its movement.
To deal with the issue, evenly remove a little bit of product from the bottom of the breech block simply ahead of the pin. Don't remove way too much product or you will endanger the action and also safety of your gun. This is a fantastic alteration, yet it's one that's ideal left to a professional or a person who is extremely comfortable functioning with the P22. If you're not comfortable executing such an alteration, take your gun to the closest gunsmith.

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