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The Almost Pro

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Herro! muh name is Lauren, im still in highschool and have no idae what i wanna do with the rest of my life...i just kno i will not work in a grey cubicle 9-5 mon thru sat....because people who do don't believe they deserve beter..or they give up too easy...either or i will have none of that...i'm not a concert GO-er so to speak....i like to build the stages and work with the techies (philly-cheese steak....you were cool, cool, cool!) i love inside jokes when i'm "inside" i'ma sucka for a good cover song i think star wars should never have made the 1-3 orlando bloom needs to admit he's gay i have a theory (actually several) -M.J and janet jackson are the same person -M.J didn't start it macully did -If they'd build a fricken water treatment plant in africa instead of buying thousands of water bottles (if you think about it they're spending more on the bottles than it would've cost to build a plant) they'd solve africas water crisis -if you cross your FINGERS it counts...if you cross your toes you just really wierd i also ask alot of questions.... -why would you "take a crap" i mean wouldn't want to leave a crap...serioulsy -who invented monster? they need to be yelled at -why do christians have to bee such poofaces? (ima christian..but i look around and see such morons like "if you dont believe in jesus you'r goin to hell!" seriously lighten up you dont scare someone into juming on a trampoline you go first and show off your sick jumping skills! lol some of us arent really that bad...we're only human..lol -why do we leave out cars costing thousands of dollars outside while we put our useless crap in the garage? -what is the point of conformists? -why waste your time ordering a burger, large fries, and a DIET coke? -soda is gross (that was more of an opinion) -why isn't mexico doing anything to stop illeagal aliens? (i say this with two of my best friesnds being LEGAL hispanics...^-^ ) -my last question:: why are there ALWAYS more hot dogs than hot dog buns? okay so i'm quirky? who isn't?

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