• CassandraCorpse. said:
    yeah they played together. It was sweet. The lead singer of Che;sea Grin is so hot haha. Hell yeah me too. Bring Me The Horizon and White Chappel are going to be like the most intence mosh pits. Mar 24
  • Young Favorite of T. Mills said:
    hello there :) how goes it? Mar 23
  • Jerrica said:
    i'm a sophomore in college. :) youuu? Mar 23
  • TheLawraStar ... Cupcake st3al3r!! HxC L-Star.&&.C-Riot said:
    I said you had to make me one first :) x x x when yours is up .. i will put one up for you :) Mar 23
  • sammma. said:
    boringg as usual :/ woke up after getting like no sleeep again, went to school, came home & now i'm eating cheez-its. hahah. how was your daaay? :] Mar 23
  • Jerrica said:
    ahah. it was super awesome.:) i'm good. busy with school work and such, but no real complaints. how about yourself? Mar 23
  • CassandraCorpse. said:
    Oh boy. Uhm a shit load of people haha. I'm not listing them all. Mostely they are more local bands I see. But I do go to bigger concerts. So the bands that went to warped tour. Uhm Chelsea Grin and Dr. Acula at one of our local shows. I dunno. Lotsss haha. Mar 23
  • TheLawraStar ... Cupcake st3al3r!! HxC L-Star.&&.C-Riot said:
    Really .. where is it? x Mar 22
  • sammma. said:
    yoou know me! duuuh :P Mar 22
  • Savannah said:
    tell her she's awesome Mar 22
  • CassandraCorpse. said:
    Ahahah nice! I miss that show. Mar 22
  • Liz Sparks said:
    music hey how are you??? let me tell yo BM has a brand new third record!!! it´s some kind of alternative music!!!please check it out and if you can add him just to be in touch!!! and leave a comment please! =) Mar 21
  • Kerry (: said:
    yay!! aha not muchhh. gonna go sleepsleep in a bit x) you? :) Mar 20
  • Jerrica said:
    hmm, that makes lots of sense. i haven't seen them live yet either. i've seen AVA and HUGGED TOM!:), but have yet to fulfill my life goal of seeing blink live. :) Mar 20
  • TheLawraStar ... Cupcake st3al3r!! HxC L-Star.&&.C-Riot said:
    HEY BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Havent spok3 in aaagessss x x x x xx Mar 20
  • Brittney said:
    ahah awwwh.. well thanks. but im pretty sure you don't wanna hear about my life. hhaha just getting ready for college and dealing with school now. Also dealing with deaths and such. being sick all the time ect. normal things lol. how was your weeeeeek? =] Mar 19
  • Mihrab said:
    Cool. What ur 6.0' omg ur tallllll! ;D what's the name of the band?. Mar 19
  • Kodiii said:
    haha yeah i guesss so :P Mar 19
  • sammma. said:
    veryy true, won't fight you on that one. & we have the best people living here ;] not a big deaal or anything! Mar 19
  • Savannah said:
    not much. just sitting around. lazy. Mar 19

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i'm kody. eighteen years old. vegetarian. unsure about where i'm going in life. i'm an aspiring tattoo artist. i like to have a good time. "we'll sleep when we're dead." i'm not straightedge, and i don't care if that offends you. some of my favourite artists are Brand New, Wiz Khalifa, OFWGKTA, A Day To Remember, Man Overboard, Excision, Katy Perry, and Attila. there are three people in this world that i would die for; anyday and in anyway. Wu Killa Beez fo' lyfe. oh, and by the way, emmaface is the most amazing person i have ever met

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