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The foundation of the house is one of the most important parts without which the house cannot stay standing erect for long. It is the foundation that holds the whole structure of the house. Any problem in the foundation can be disturbing and if not handled in time, can prove to be disastrous as well.

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The majority of the people do not even know how to identify the foundation problems for timely repair. The foundation repair does not have to be expensive if the problems are identified in time and treated accordingly. Therefore, I am going to tell you some common and easy ways to identify the foundation problems.

Ways to Identify Foundation Problems:

Particularly there are eight common ways to identify the problems in the house foundation. But obviously, I cannot explain all of them. So I will try to cover the maximum as possible for me. Below are listed some common ways to identify the foundation problems:

Foundation Cracks:

Gaps and cracks are a common problem in almost every house but a majority of the time you neglect this important sign of foundation problems. It is one of the many ways to identify a foundation problem. Broken chimneys and floor cracks also signal the same problem. Over the years, the structure of the house may also face foundation movement due to which the foundation can shift and gaps become a serious concern. Inclement weather and the expanding and contracting of soil are usually the cause of this problem.

Foundation Settling:

Settlement issues are also one of the ways to identify foundation problems. If you notice that the foundation of your house is sinking, consider it a sign of foundation issue. Over the years, you may also start to notice that one side of your house is higher and the other side lower. It needs lifting which can only be performed by foundation repair contractors.

Foundation Upheaval:

If the foundation of your house is moved to the upward direction, it is probably facing the foundation upheaval which is the exact opposite of the foundation settling. This problem most commonly affects the perimeter area of the slab foundation made of concrete.

Problematic Doors:

When the doors of your house start sticking or do not open or close properly, it is also another way of identifying the foundation problem. Interior doors usually stick or drag at the top whereas the exterior doors hang down at the top or drag at the threshold.

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