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kate story / i'm not a dick! you know that you are not alone, need you like water in my lungs "Its' like dying and being born and fucking and crying. you taste your own mouth and feel your own skin... i'd never been so far away, but i knew i was home... i knew i'd never leave, and i never have." Kelsey Patrick is my best friend + conor oberst, gerard way, and anyone who can keep me happy. my life: acoustic songs. happy. big windows. big groups. cutting hair. carnivals. freckles. change. faded jeans. warm rain. festivals. brick walls. hip bones. 11/6/07. late nights. gauges. indie music. 24 hour diners. lookbook. daydreaming. alcohol. american apparel. monroes. apartments. no makeup. messy hair. the park. polaroids. the sky. staying up and sleeping in. california. shows. love. summer. 11:11. tattoos. all nighters. tea. being dependent on one person. lomography. never having money. urban outfitters. grey lungs. fisheyes. the bookstore with the cat living there. innocent flirting. veins. change. sunglasses. indie movies. fingertips. chapstick. the seventies. bonfires. art. playful teasing. car rides. lightning. skating. subtle flaws. tons of black tea. escalades. skinny. tie dye. early mornings. brief eye contact. dreads. sleeping next to someone. shaant. holding hands. intoxication. lipstick on cups. age gaps. fur coats. cigarette holders. dressing up for no reason. procrastination. the loop.

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