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Age: 23

Location: United States


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Nights Like These Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Death Metal

Memphis, TN

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Dark Tranquillity Pro

Metal / Death Metal

Gothenburg, Sweden

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Death Metal / Death Metal


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System of a Down

Experimental / Rock / Alternative

Los Angeles, CA

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scars on broadway

Metalcore / Experimental



Comments (7)

  • SaraRaye said:
    You're hot. Jul 08
  • Kody said:
    Geraldo? and yeah I lost that battle May 22
  • SaraRaye said:
    I LOVE YOU! May 16
  • SaraRaye said:
    O M G so yeha you gonna add me er what you sound like such an inyeresting person i myself have finished the worlds largest book of extra extremely mega hard sudoku we have so much in common! you should mosy deffinately comment me back we could hhok up some time :) Apr 19
  • Dylan said:
    Yeah? I know that's hot. Suck it. Apr 04
  • Dylan said:
    I've been trying to score some meth. Do you have any??? Apr 03
  • izzy* said:
    hiya im ashleyy Mar 29



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I'm 47, currently living with my parents. I have no job. My hobbies include interpretive dance, sudoku, long strolls on the beach and 2 person parties. Oh and Dylan if you're reading this I'm more than likely already dead. So dont even bother feeding the cats. I leave to you my sweet chess set and my new sheets. If anyone asks what happened, tell them i tried so hard but i just didnt make it. It sounds good and it's what the Gorlocks told me to say! I'm So Sorry ~ Holla! I'm just screwing you guys. I SKATE! And if you dont you should check it out fo' sho'. Aside from that I do nothing. My friends include: the super straight edge kid, this one really german guy who suddenly becomes autistic half-way throught his sentences, the gay/emo guy, the kid that only dates six year old girls, and the fat ass. I know sounds real awesome, because it is. I live in El DORDO, Missouri, which in case you dont know is one of the worst places you could ever live. Don't waste our natural resources. Although you don't need to worry about that because i can turn invisible now so all of our probllems are solved. Anyone reading this who hasn't seen the show "The Whitest Kids U'Know, check them out at WWW.IFC.COM/WKUK. They are so damn funny. Oh and I'm really into photography. Take a gander at my photos at http://JoshDampier.imagekind.com/

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