• Jul 10, 2008

  • Jul 10, 2008


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My Name is Joseph D. Funderburk And I’m 17 years Old! If I were a normal Teen, I would be about to be a Senior in Highschool! But I’m not.I’m in Ashworth College,which is located in Norcross, GA And I Do all of my School Online. Also I’m about a little over a Quarter of the way through with my Entire College Course. I’m studying Gourmet Cooking and Catering. I Dont know if it’s what I Want to do with my life yet or not but it will get me somewhere. I've got alot of things on my mind. I Have 2 Rising Companies. And both of these companies are going to be together, when they are released! These Companies are: SolidStoneTV & Solid Stone Christian Store Online! SolidStoneTV is already available. And by the way it's an Online Only TV Network. It's going to have Shows that I Come up with, some of them are spin offs of some shows Like MTV Cribs, but you wont much of those episodes. lol. Solid Stone Christian Store Online or SSCSO is set to release early 2010! So be ready for it! You Can Already go to SolidStoneTV or SSTV's Website, if you'd like: http://www.solidstonetv.webs.com/ We Already have some short shows &/or Podcasts on there, check 'em out! I Love my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ more THAN ANYTHING in the world And My Heavenly Father who created me, MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD. I Love Hope & Life Fellowship & Fire House Youth Ministries… I Wear a “Purity Ring,” yeah I know that alot of you think that it’s not cool but so what. I Am Me. Alot of people like me wear one. The ones that really care about their faith and want to keep their promise not to have sex before they’re married. And wearing the ring doesn’t mean that I can’t have relationships with Girls. It just means I wont have sex before I’m married. Going on down the line, I Love Music. Other than my Faith, Music is my world. Life without God & Music is life without Air! Also this somewhat has to do with Music but not really. I’m looking for the right girl of my dreams that Loves God, Music, and wants to witness to the world like I want to do. The World… lol not in a Church! And speak about Christ as much as I do. And this is how it goes. I Don’t have to be like everyone else to be cool. I Am Myself. The Person that God created me to be. Not what the world wants me to be. Or these magazines telling me how I should dress or how I should talk. Cause that’s just not me. And I hope to inspire everyone with my About Me, because there are alot of people out there that just need to be themselves, and stop going by what your friends are listening to and what they are wearing. And what they are doing. It doesn’t matter. What really matters is being yourself. STOP HIDING FROM THE PERSON THAT YOU REALLY ARE!! And what you really listen to. (Which include Artists that you know your friends wouldn’t like you for!) First off, if they don’t like you for you then they’re not your true Friend/s. Or what you wear. Or where you buy your clothes from! It Doesn’t Matter. And one more thing… I Try to live life to the fullest. Not like doing drugs or anything. But living like today could be my last day! I don’t worry about the past, it’s behind me and it will never come back! And I Don’t Worry about the Future either, that’s in God’s hands! And if it’s in His hands I know It’ll all be alright! One of My Battle Crys for My Generation: To see all of them go to: http://www.JosephFunderburk.com/ (You Can see all others on “My Faith” Page!) I Am Not Ashamed of what I believe in. No One will make me back down! No Power in all of the Universe can change my mind. NOT ONE! God is an almighty, and loving God and would not make anyone turn from Him! I Love Him! And I Always Will! I’m on a mission to Fight for this Generation. Alot of things will stand in my way, But I WILL NEVER QUIT! This isn’t a war with guns or weapons. This is a Spiritual battle! I Wont go down without giving you my view, All I Want, Is not to be cast aside. There is no hatred in what I do. I’m not ashamed, afraid or guilty, I’m in Love. I Don’t Bash You, So Don’t bash me! I Want Peace and to gain it, I MUST POSE A SPIRITUAL BATTLE! THIS… IS MY BATTLE CRY! If You Want to know anything else just send me a message or a comment and i'll tell you! I have alot to say!

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