• Little Brittany Monster. said:
    Digging your music kidd. (: Jan 17
  • Emma ^,,^ (Bewitched :3) said:
    Will do. Jan 17
  • jenni said:
    I'm doing well how about yourself? Jan 17
  • jenni said:
    sure thing I'll give your band a listen :) Jan 17
  • ♥Ãłę×îş♫ said:
    Haha I've never seen a beaver! Yup! You guys definitely have one of the best accents ;D Haha oh really? ;p I love drinking tea so i would for sure love it :) This week.. school >.< and have some plans with friends. How about you? :) Jan 16
  • Kitty said:
    :) Hey! Thanx! You know i'm gonna tell my friends! And I wouldn't call myself a star... but ok! I've been doing alright. How are you? Jan 16
  • ♥Ãłę×îş♫ said:
    Haha! I think i've only seen a moose in the wild once. I guess they're not too popular around where i live :( haha they are pretty neat though :) haha hmm maybe! My town is pretty boring too though :/ But England you have amazing accents! Jan 15
  • weleh said:
    no problem, I've seen your video, it's cool Jan 13
  • Lau said:
    I like your music! :) Jan 12
  • Atomic.Sexxx.Kitty said:
    Uhmm, not a big fan of your song but I suppose you are alright for small timers. Jan 12
  • Tori Dassler said:
    Gotcha' ah-mazing! Are you and that other bell guy brothers? And I didn;t know you were from England! That's soo cool! I've always wanted to live in London!! I hear there's a lot of hot guys ;) lol Jan 11
  • xx_Dee_xx said:
    Yeah, I sing and I'm teaching myself guitar :) ... Awesome I shall have a listen ^^ x Jan 11
  • Tori Dassler said:
    Is it the music video? The new song i mean? Jan 11
  • Kitty said:
    Absolutely! I can't wait to hear it :) Jan 11
  • Otter said:
    My band is called Straining Lives. We haven't recorded anything officially in a studio. We're hoping to this weekend though! But you can find us on Youtube and Facebook (: Jan 11
  • Nikkie Williams said:
    Cool and I'll be waiting 4 sum new songs!(: Jan 11
  • Brandon said:
    good band for real Jan 11
  • ♥Ãłę×îş♫ said:
    no problem :) you guys are pretty good. i'm from Canada, haha pretty boring here. Where abouts are you from ? :) Jan 11
  • Kitty said:
    Hey! Just wanted to say that your band sounds AMAZING!!!!! :) You guys need to start putting more songs on. It sounds great! Jan 10
  • Ash said:
    NC lol and I definitely will :) Jan 10

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