• {princesskatee} said:
    Not too much, hbu!? :) Oct 13
  • ChEcKeRs said:
    Thanks for the add(= Oct 13
  • Meagasaur!! :3 said:
    ehhhh its good i guess ... could be better howsa bout you? Oct 12
  • Amber Lott said:
    Lol your welcome :) and yeah, your bands pretty good.! :) Oct 11
  • emmalinee ™ said:
    the new england institute of art Oct 09
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    yup! (: Oct 09
  • kat said:
    hey so my facebook totally deleted you :( be friends again?(: Oct 09
  • Shana Como said:
    :D Oct 09
  • emmalinee ™ said:
    about two hours i guess. id rather that tho than be miserable with people that i hate...like i was becoming depressed if i wasnt Oct 09
  • emmalinee ™ said:
    not too much, school, im moving back home and out of the dorms cause i hate them :p and now im looking for a job Oct 08
  • Amanda Blackburn said:
    Yeah! haha i do lots of them :) i do 2 in cali every year around 10 in FL every year and 2 in AUS every year :) ha surfing is my life :) Oct 08
  • Maaike said:
    well the Netherlands is just a tiny, flat country. with a car you can drive from north to south in like 3 hours (without traffic jams of course) almost everything is short distant so almost everybody goes to school by bike. speaking about school we are obligated to take at least one foreign language besides English (and of course Dutch), so either French, German or Spanish. but you can also choose more than 1. uhm we can't get our driving licence at sixteen, here the driving age is 18. what else... uh the drinking age is 16 there you go couple of random facts. :) Oct 08
  • rebecca (= said:
    cool ! your band its pretty sick :P Oct 07
  • Desirey said:
    love it, thanks. :) Oct 07
  • Amanda Blackburn said:
    thats cool :) And not to much here just been surfing a lot and im getting pumped for the 12.5 ft swells that will be coming in all weekend :) Going to get some barrels and practice for the next comp :) Oct 06
  • BlueClover said:
    Hey! I think i have but I'll go on y Facebook and check Oct 03
  • TheWeepingHollower said:
    Thanx for the heads up Knockout Kid is bomb Let me know of any other bands that catch your eye -Courtney Oct 02
  • Sammie said:
    Done (: Oct 01
  • Kellie-Louise said:
    ill become a fan now:) x Sep 29
  • Tanner (: said:
    Already done my good sir! Sep 27

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20 years old from the Chicagoland area, part time student with a full time job and a touring band. I am a video game addict and I play drums for the band Knockout Kid (www.purevolume.com/knockoutkid). Check us out, get in touch!

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