• Oct 15, 2009

  • Oct 15, 2009

  • Jul 15, 2009


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What's your favorite....Beverage (non-alc) ?water.Color ?purple!Food ?vegetablesItem of clothing ?my shoesMeal of the day ?dinnerFeature on yourself ?idkQuality in a guy/girl ?being dan-like. :PPhrase ?yepSong ?oooooh too manyMusical Artist/Band ?too manySport ?mehMovie ?monsters inc!TV Show ?family guyRadio Station ?noneType of Chocolate ?german. :DEye Color ?poopDo you/Have you ever....Have any pets ?duh! i have a fishy and his name is bill and a kitty named mr. sally.Have any piercings ?4.Have any tatoos ?not yetCheat on a boyfriend/girlfriendno way!Gone skinny dipping ?nopeBeen to Europe ?nopeBeen to an island ?mhmmmmHad stitches ?yepBroken any bones ?a fewBeen stabbed/shot ?only by a pencil. lolSlept until after 12:00 ?no im a morning personStayed up all night ?alwaysHooked up with 2 people in one weekend ?lol...Turned down a dare ?nahWould you ever....Eat pizza with chocolate chips ?i hate pizzaKiss someone of the same sex ?lolCheat on someone you love ?no wayRun away from home ?nopeLie to your parents ?nahLie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ?nuh uhLie to your best friend ?nopeGive a homeless person money ?ehRun from the police ?ehBungee jump ?fuck yes!Sky dive ?fuck yes!Cross dress ?sureBe an exotic dancer ?nahhWalk out of a restaurant without paying ?nahScuba dive ?sure!Go rock climbing ?sure!Go spulunking (caving) ?yepWhat do you think of when you hear....Eminem ?eminemBologna ?bolognaHott ?jake luhrs. :dOrange ?orangeReal world ?real worldJack ?jackCucumber ?cucumberHip-Hop ?hip-hopUniform ?uniformUniCORN ! ?MY SECOND FAVORITE ANIMAL!!Rainbow ?rainbowClown ?clownCREATE YOUR OWN! - or - GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS!

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