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Chiodos Pro

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Davison, MI

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Rockville, MD

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listen to bob dylan

Folk Rock / Rock

Sherman Oaks, CA

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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Then The Day Came "Fireflies Cover"

Rock / Metalcore

Austin, TX

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  • AndN said:
    “AMAZING journey” http://www.purevolume.com/UFANCY/videos/4474008/SPACE+UF+-+001+ Jun 16
  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo "Music made with the heart and not with the hands" Apr 09
  • Jackson Wise said:
    Hey whats up!! I'm really diggin your favorite artists!! I listen to the same stuff!!! You should check out my band, Safety Word Orange, i think you could get down with us. We sound similar to some of your favs! We just got out of the studio with Bryan Russell, he produced the most recent Academy Is album. We are streaming our new EP right now. www.purevolume.com/safetywordorange. Let me know what you think!! THanks -- Jackson Sep 09
  • Sasha Grey said:
    Thought you'de enjoy this song too. I read about Anand Bhatt singing "Hallelujah" on an Oprah/Ellen twitter. I also just saw him on tv on the red carpet with Taylor Swift. Pretty great! http://www.sonicwaveintl.com/anand Feb 05
  • Brandon Matthew™ said:
    hey c: Nov 13
  • kai said:
    N# (8bit/nintendocore) Nov 08
  • Jc Undone/ Johnny Braindead said:
    hey:) if you want sumting new check out my music here new song "the gift and the memory" leave a comment and be a fan if you like my stuff and i got new short video you can watch called: "No Sense At All" then tell me what you think about it thank you:) www.purevolume.com/jcundone www.youtube.com/NOWICALLEDMYSELF Oct 27
  • Andy loves Lacey ♥ said:
    hey you! Long time no talk. You should totally take a fan pic for us hehehe =) we changed our name so we dont have like any fan artwork now =( pretty plz hehehe =D if not thats fine too thanks for your time =) Sep 16
  • Jack said:
    hi:) whats up? I am a member of the group called "UnderDying" Metalcore Post Hardcore www.purevolume.com/underdyingband thanks, have a good day ! Aug 06
  • deejay said:
    i hope u like them. i know i do. purevolume.com/dorianyates Jul 15


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  • General: dayum

    HE has lips lik morphine totally addicting(:

    May 26, 2009

  • General: MARTINjoseph(:

    wen u sing Not A Second To Waste to me my heart goes in a knot and my stomach in a whirl

    May 25, 2009

  • General: Ethan Easterling(:

    near the end but I wish that this would last foreverI'll pretend to get lost just to make it last a little longerflash a smileall the while I've been thinking aboutall…

    May 19, 2009



hey(= im 16yrs old and music sends me to my own nirvana AIM:jeskajuicebox316 msn:jessicabc123@hotmail.com myspace:indigojuicebox TWO of my friends bands: so sweet the hour and setthescene CHECK THEM OUT i love anything frm modest mouse/minus the bear to suicide silence/bring me the horizon(: mainly indie and screamo!!! i strieve for my identity .um...i wear rainbow color high top nike dunks, skinny jeans with a zebra belt, and skate shirts with ethans hoodie, and u will nvr see me w/o dark blue nail polish on AND MY IPOD(: and i dont think girls are funny or can do math i only get along with a few cuz there quite bitchy and dramatic

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