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Almost everyone loves to sing. There are people who are natural born singers and there are those people who are just too shy to showcase their talent. For those people who are willing, they can still improve their voice even without taking special voice lessons.

You can see how to sing better here, that is, if you want to learn from the pros. However, if going to a formal voice school seems overwhelming for you, here are ways on how to do that on your own.

Get Your Voice Ready

Practice your scales. Sing and sing as much as possible. This does not really seem like a fun way to improve your singing voice, but it actually helps train the ears to recognize the correct notes. To start, try singing "Do Re Mi" from The Sound of Music. The basis of this song is called solfège which is great for ear training.

Use a guitar or a piano for guidance to make sure that you are still in tune. For those people who do not have one, there are virtual pianos found online and there are also apps that can help.

Begin with Ease

Sing the "Do Re Mi" up and down scales. Begin with the C scale then after that C# scale and go up. Sing two scales up and then one down. Do this continuously. Do this slowly and deliberately and try hard to hit the correct note. Do not just slide into it. This is going to help you gain control over your voice. Make sure you use the instruments to stay on pitch. Do it slowly but surely.

Become Your Own Teacher

To improve singing voice even without singing lessons, you need to hear your voice and learn from the mistakes that you make. To do this, get a microphone and start recording your voice. You do not need any fancy equipment. There are already a lot of apps that can be downloaded to help you record your voice. Connect a microphone to the computer and start singing.

Sing a song that you really know well. It is important to know the lyrics of a song when singing it. This helps so that one is singing by heart. Through this, you can concentrate on how to sing the song instead of what to sing.

Look for different ways on how your voice makes sound. Try singing from the diaphragm, in the throat, in the nose and learn how to isolate these kinds of sounds. The more you know about these kinds of sounds, the more control you are going to have.

Be Patient

Learning and improving takes a lot of time. But, be careful with over singing because you may just damage your vocal cords. It is also not advisable to imitate famous singers. It is important to find your own style. In addition, never compare yourself to other singers. Every singer always has their own unique characteristic. Take lots and lots of practice. The more practice you are going to get, the better you are going to be. Begin with simple songs and do not sing songs that are really hard. Work your way to the top, and before you know it, jazz singing will be easy-peasy for you.

Learning without a teacher can make a person learn things that can damage their voice. Hence, read books and research. Know what the dos and don'ts are in improving the voice. Do not worry if you sound bad. Try to ask friends and relatives to listen to you and ask for their opinion.

These are some of the ways on how people can improve their voice, even without voice lessons. These tips are great especially for people who are still shy to sing in front of a lot of people or to people who do not have enough resources to pay for lessons.

Posted Mar 15, 2017 at 3:15am



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