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Dollhouses come in many forms, shapes, colors and materials. The most common ones are made from bisque, porcelain, resin, plastic and polymer clay. Some are even those that are felted, wooden and made of fabric. The materials used depend on how one intends the house to look and what types of care is needed.


If you want to get an 18 inch doll house for your daughter, you will need to be very particular about the size of the fixture. You also need to consider the space where you intend to keep it. Where will this be used? Determine how much room it needs and figure out if the chosen location will be enough to keep it. If you choose big sizes, this can take around 4 feet wide and even more. However, if your space is limited, choose the smallest one that can be easily placed over a tabletop. A foldable house can also come handy. You can also prefer a corner dollhouse to save space. Meanwhile, if you want to include a custom dollhouse kitchen, may as well consider your budget. Will this be enough to sustain your project's funding? Children ageing 3-6 years are the ones who usually play dollhouses. But there are also adults who still want to have this fixture in their room to add to one's collections. Now, if the dollhouse that you want turned out to cost more than you can afford, then may as well consider thinking if how much you badly want it. If you really want this then you have other options aside from paying it outright in cash. You can check for consignment stores, consignment sales or even search for it on Craiglist. Your effort will pay off if you luckily end up with a good bargain.

You may think that getting an unfurnished dollhouse is more practical. Well, think again. Furnishing it yourself may turn out more expensive. You will need to buy tiny sofa and chairs. So may as well think if it's worth spending more for this toy.

Another thing to check is if it fits the doll that you currently own. There are dollhouses that will accommodate Barbie, Little People and American Girl. There are also dollhouses that can accommodate all sizes of dolls. But still, it is important to choose the one that will fit the size of your kid's favorite doll.

Also, consider the materials that you want. On the other hand, if you want this to be easily wiped down then choose the plastic type. However, if you think aesthetic is more important, you may choose wood over the other. Wooden types can also be repaired easily in case it breaks. Hence, it can be more practical if you don't want to buy dollhouses from time to time.

To know what's the top dollhouses in the market today, may as well read reviews. You can at the same time check their images to see if they will blend well with your home's aesthetics.

Posted Jan 16, 2017 at 1:56am



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