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Hi My Names Jason Kee I Live In Shitty Ass Ohio In Shitty Ass Colerain. Some More Shit Is I'm 16 Fucking Years old, And I Am Almost A Pure Fucking Metal Head! Fuck Emo Kids. Oh And A Little More Stuff Is I'm Kind Of A Ass Hole, But People Love My Abuse. Also I'm A Fucking Party King You Will Bow To Me And My Fucking Skill. One More Thing Before I Start Sounding Like A Selfcentered Dick Head, I'm In A Band Called 3 I Driss Or 3ID And I Have Hopes Of Making It Big Some Day... If I Do Hit Me Up Cause I Want To Stay Kool With All Fans Shit Invite Me Over. Drink, Or Smoke Make Fucking memories My Niggas. I'm Not Always A Complete Ass, I'm Funny And Sometimes Sweet But You Got To Deserve That Treatment, And I'm Letting Everyone Know That And Im Letting Everyone Know Suicide Silence Is My Fucking Shit And The Shit And Saying They Aren't Is Fighting Word And I'll Kick Your Fucking Teeth In If You Want To Go... You Ain't Trying To Fight Bitch Niggas. Oh Yeah Im Not In A RelationShip But I Want One With This Someone So Don't Come At Me Like That (Guys!) And (Girls). Just Fucking Around Don't Be Gay Though If I Got Some Dude Wanting To Ride My Shit Imma Get Weak Then Throw Up! Gay Dudes Are Sick As Fuck. Ha

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