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Not a lot of people are interested in improving their patios and gardens with a pergola. In fact, not a lot of people even give it any thought. Most are simply contented with how their yard looks, and can't appreciate the aesthetic value of it. Some do understand that pergolas can greatly enhance the look of their gardens and patios, but are held back by the notion that it's all for show. Spending on it, at least in their opinion, is a bad investment.it is needless to say that their appreciation of a pergola is severely lacking, because it is definitely a patio addition that can provide a lot of benefits. Here are some examples that prove pergolas are not just for decorative purposes.


1.    Shade for pools.

Most pools are open and have practically no shade from direct sunlight. While this may be the norm, it's not a good idea to spend a lot of time swimming and wading on the pool while under direct sunlight. Not even with sunscreens. However, because of the norm, residents might feel uneasy with a pergola above their heads when swimming. It might take time to adjust, but it's not that bad considering the entire family can spend the entire afternoon on the pool, or simply relaxing on their floaters. If some family members vehemently protest against installing a pergola that covers the pool, a compromise can be made where only a part of the pool is shaded by it. Not a bad idea especially for bigger pools.

2.    Shading the garden walkway.

Admittedly, not a lot of people have big gardens that can accommodate a walkway. However, even for small gardens, a pergola can provide a small shaded are where children can play even in the middle of the day. Putting a freestanding pergola on a paved walkway that goes through the garden is most definitely a great investment. The relaxing feel of the garden is greatly enhanced when a complementing pergola is used, typically one that's made of wood. But there are a modern landscaping design today that utilize vinyl and incorporates it well with gardens and patios. Some landscape artists use vinyl pergolas that fit the theme of their designs, while others use pergolas that fully contrast the rest of the garden. One can opt to buy a pergola made of this material and still have the benefits of ones made of wood.

3.    A frame for entrances.

Pergolas that are used for this purpose are generally ones that are attached to the wall. But then again, there's no stopping a home owner from putting up one that's freestanding. When buying a pergola kit with a canopy and with covering a small area from the entrance in mind, it's best to consider pergolas that have a generous span. A small span will make the entrance feel like a cave entrance. It's also recommended, but not at all necessary, to install pergola kits with rafters that are a bit farther from each other to let more light through.

Posted Jan 19, 2017 at 3:00pm



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