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One of the most vile and most dangerous villians in the underworld of DC universe is The Joker. Many people have a common view on the character as a smile-freak-sadist who is a psychopath. But, unlike comic books and animated series and movies where it Is much easier to control the behaviour of Joker, Actors will slightly adopt Joker the way they interpret him as. Which ends up giving either a lot of support or criticism from the fans. With the latest movie, Suicide Squad coming out, the often question was, Can Jared Leto live up to the Legacy of Heath Ledger’s Joker or is he going to create a totally different Joker.

While DC supporters may have a common Joker, actor Make Hamill, who have portrayed the Joker in animated motion pictures and cartoons, is convinced every incarnation of the type is good, and uncovered his true emotions about Leto's performance in "Suicide Squad."


During an interview with Polygon, Hamill said he adored Leto's Joker and he has yet to visit a Joker that has made him say, “That was terrible.” Regarding to Hamill, the main element to enjoying all the Jokers is looking at them in several lights.

Hamill said Heath Ledger's Joker in "The Dark Knight" was not the same as Jack port Nicholson's Joker in 1989's "Batman" since it would have to be. "Everyone brings some other spin to the type and you have to check out each script independently. I do not believe there are a definitive version of the Joker and I do not believe there may be. It is like Hamlet, really. It will likely be constantly redefined."


Although Hamill is a lover of different Jokers, he will understand why admirers are annoyed with the path recent DC videos such as "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad" are going in. While he would not say if he liked or disliked the videos, Hamill said it could be best if one individual was responsible for all the development for ALL the DC videos, movies, tv series, animated series and suicide squad games.


However, regardless of what the fans say, there always going be fans who will enjoy or hate an actor for a certain role. Afterall, Heath had the same issue when he played Joker in the Batman Begin Series right. It would be best if Leto plays Joker the way he see is as he done an amazing job on the Suicide Squad, I would love to see more Leto’s Joker vs Batman confrontations.


Reviews for “Suicide Squad” was unfortunately mixed. Some critics praised Leto’s performance while others were still in complete doubt and thought it was terrible. However, in Entertainment Weekly, they were very happy with Leto’s version of Joker but was slightly disappointed as his greatness was shadowed by being a “minor” character to the Movie. Which is very understandable as Joker is NOT part of the suicide squad right. However, does that mean, Leto will be filling in Joker’s movies from now on? I certainly hope so, he filled Joker’s shoes quite nicely.



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    One of the most vile and most dangerous villians in the underworld of DC universe is The Joker. Many people have a common view on the character as a smile-freak-sadist…

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