Shirtless Romantic

Experimental / Folk Rock / Ambient

Austin, TX

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Stereo Shout Out

Powerpop / Electronic

Evansville, IN

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sam parkison

Acoustic / Indie / Folk

Olathe, KS

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Plug In Stereo

Acoustic / Pop / Indie

Portland, OR

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Sail by the Stars

Powerpop / Rock

Panama City, FL

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The Downtown Fiction Pro

Rock / Pop Punk / Powerpop

Chantilly, VA

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Fun. Pro

Rock / Acoustic

Empire State, NY

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Runner Runner Pro

Rock / Pop

Huntington Beach, CA

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Alternative / Powerpop / Rock

Orlando, FL

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Lonely Lover

Ambient / Electronic / Experimental

Anderson, SC

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Anything Acoustic

Acoustic / Indie / Emo

Cedar rapids, IA

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The Maine Pro

Indie / Alternative / Pop

Tempe, AZ

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Danger Is My Middle Name

Rock / Powerpop / Pop Punk

Chicago, IL

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Secret Secret Dino Club

Pop / Indie / Hip Hop

Saratoga Springs, NY

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Friday Night Fever

Powerpop / Pop / Rock

Ft. Wayne, IN

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The Friday Night Boys

Pop / Pop / Pop

Harrisburg, VA

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the Higher Pro

Pop / Rock / Jam Band

Las Vegas, NV

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Go Crash Audio (NEW SONG)

Indie / Pop / Rock

Omaha, NE

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Mike Goodrick (NEW CD ON ITUNES!)

Acoustic / Pop / Folk

Mesa, AZ

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Nick Goldston

Acoustic / Pop

Long Island, NY

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hey anyone who knows me calls me Jae cause they cant remember my first name so feel free. music is my life, im a serious band geek- drums, keyboard, guitar, trumpet, are my main instruments while others i just know how to use,(shrieking animals) I like all genres of music as long as it sounds good sports are my excuse to beat up people and release stress painting(by number) is on my hobby list Im a pretty mellow person unless i get a hold of coffee or an energy drink, then im just annoying so i try to stay away from that stuff im in the band http://www.purevolume.com/sincethepromise as the guitarist and back up vocals so check us out when you get a chance and tell us what you think FOOD: anything...food is amazing MOVIE: Lion King BOOK: Pendragon series SONG: Not even gonna try QUOTE: Eat dessert first, life is too unexpected!!!

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