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Responsible home owners know very well that letting their garden hoses lay on the ground in a tangled mess is a fast way of degrading its durability. Even if a high quality hose is advertised to have a lengthy service period of a couple of decades, leaving it to the mercy of harsh elements like the sun and ever-shifting humidity is a bad idea. The fact that it doesn't really take much to store a hose properly is all the more reason to not let it just lay on the ground after using.

Buying and installing a garden hose reel can help keep garden hoses in tip-top shape. It also provides a cleaner look to the garden. However, buying a garden hose reel for new and old garden hoses alike may not be as easy as buying any other garden fixtures. There are numerous options to choose from, in addition to the different brands available on the market. But for most home owners, choosing the type of garden hose reel helps a lot in filtering out options. Here are the five types of garden hose reels to pick from.

Stationary Reels

While this type of reel may be deemed unimaginative by gardening enthusiasts, it’s usually the cheapest option among the rest. For home owners who aren't particularly into making their gardens look like paradise, it's a viable option. But then again, it doesn't cost much to get other types of reels.

Decorative Reels

Buying hose reels don't always have to revolve around its functionality. Gardens are more popular for their aesthetics rather than having useful features. Decorative hose reels are best for gardens that have a theme or concept that it attempts to adhere to. It's a good idea to learn more about designs that go well together before attempting to buy one. Better yet, bring a picture of the garden when choosing one from the local store.

Hideaway Reels

On the other hand, for home owners who just can't seem to find a decorative reel that can match their garden, hideaway reels can be used otherwise. The beauty of this type of garden hose reel is that it can simply be stored out of sight after the garden hose is used. Instead of trying hard to make the reel fit with the garden's theme, hiding it can be the more reasonable choice.

Cart Hose Reels

For gardens and yards that cover a substantial area, using cart hose reel might actually be the only logical option to use. Its mobility provides so much convenience when watering large gardens because of the very fact that it can be moved around. Storing it is not that troublesome especially since it usually follows that families with large gardens can afford to have extra storage space for something as small as a carted hose reel.

Retractable Reels

Retractable reels are considered as a distinct type of hose reel on its own. However, its mechanism is also used in other types of reels. It's not surprising to see decorative reels, for example, to have a spring-loaded mechanism. It's recommended to check out reviews on the web. Most customers agree that these hose reel reviews are great, so it's a good place to start.

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    Responsible home owners know very well that letting their garden hoses lay on the ground in a tangled mess is a fast way of degrading its durability. Even if a high qua…

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