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Kill Hannah Pro

Rock / Electronic

Chicago, IL

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Tegan and Sara Pro

Alternative / Indie / Folk Rock


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The Forgotten Secret

Screamo / Post Hardcore / Metal

Centennial, CO

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skyscrapers walk among us

Trance / Folk / Christian Rap

Houston, TX


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  • Ayisha Edeline said:
    Lol of course~ hmmm we just gotta find a day and some moniesss lol.... Buhh atm I'm in deep shit ): I now realize why yuu didn't rebel anymore ugh and my dad was all like making fun if how I used to cut just stupid shit man :/ hopefully I'll be able to get it back by summer time Jan 05
  • Veronica said:
    yesss =] ima do it hehe =] Jan 04
  • JamesSeesStars said:
    Why the :( ? Did you get too drunk? lol. I haven't drank in like two weeks. That changes right now haha :P Jan 04
  • JamesSeesStars said:
    I love the sweet girls :) Happy late New Years ha. Spent my New Years at a show and hanging out with friends (: Jan 03
  • Ayisha Edeline said:
    Hmmm I'll see when I get money as of now I'm broke ): but I'll get yuu some or I can have someone deliver it to yuu either way man it really does suck :/ I'm working y way toward getting it back hopefully I can persuade mah daddy to giving it back to me Jan 03
  • Ayisha Edeline said:
    Lol idk how it is just that the girl that supplies for my friends is high everyday man no joke she says it's the good shit so in guessing it is. Man my dad suspended my phone today i think that phone call is going to rake longer than I suspected ): lol I'm in yuur shoes from last year It reallysucks ass :/ Jan 03
  • fatguitarninja said:
    haha so whats new these days? Jan 02
  • forever the sickest MICHAEL! said:
    message me or something. comments confuse mee!! :/ Jan 01
  • Ayisha Edeline said:
    Haha it's all guid it's different being with a girl, sometimes more exciting. LOL I can't even handle a little, but I'm more exposed to it now lol so if yuu wanna smoke I can easily find it for yuu haha Jan 01
  • tashia said:
    smokinggg weeeed? Jan 01


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